Important: COVID-19 Updates

OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • HCCC plans to hold courses in three ways in Fall: Online and Hybrid.

      Hudson County Community College is committed to students’ success both inside and outside of the classroom. In order to assist students in making progress towards their academic goals, HCCC offers classes in a variety of modalities, including fully online, hybrid, and remote. Students are encouraged to figure out which mode is the right fit for them before registering. The different modes are described below. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

      Hudson Online Courses

      Hudson Online courses and programs are created for fully online teaching and learning. This means most work is completed on students’ own time schedule as long as the work is submitted on time.

      How do I know if a course section is offered online?

      >>Hudson Online sections will have a location of “Online” and have an “ON” in their course code. For example: CSS 100-ONR01. To find online courses, on the course schedule, you will search by location and choose “online.”

      How do I know if a Hudson Online course section is right for me?

      >> Students who need flexibility in when they do course work and cannot travel to campus to attend class at specific times benefit from enrolling in Hudson Online courses. Students who are successful in Hudson Online courses have regular and reliable access to a computer and internet, are able to direct their own learning and are disciplined about completing readings and assignments by the due date.

      Students who are considering enrolling in a Hudson Online course can discover what it is like through a special Student Orientation module. Visit the COL’s web and portal pages for more information.

      What kind of experience can I expect when I enroll in a Hudson Online course?

      >> In Hudson Online courses, instructors use Canvas and embedded tools extensively. They usually do not make extensive use of synchronous video conferencing. Details for each course section will be provided by the instructor.

      Please note: Students’ attendance for Hudson Online courses is taken each week and requires that students post content or submit an assignment to the course. These assignments may include: graded discussion posts, submission of assignments, or quizzes. Merely logging in is not sufficient for successful attendance in a Hudson Online course. Attendance is required for Financial Aid purposes.

      What kind of support is available to help me be successful?

      >> For online and hybrid courses, students are automatically enrolled in the Hudson Online Orientation for Students. Students who are enrolling in a Hudson Online class for the first time and/or students who are unfamiliar with online learning through Canvas are strongly encouraged to complete the Orientation module. The Orientation module is available on the Canvas Dashboard. Hudson Online also offers free online tutoring and 24/7 Canvas support.

      Other types of support are available and can be accessed through the COL’s webpage.

      Hybrid Courses

      Hybrid courses are facilitated by the Center for Online Learning and are prepared in similar fashion to Hudson Online courses, except that lab requirements and sessions are held in person. In an emergency, simulations and virtual labs may replace on ground in-person instruction and pivot back once an emergency situation has subsided.

      The college is designating any course that requires students to attend classes or labs on-site as On Ground for Fall 2020 term.

      How do I know if a course is Hybrid?

      >> The course will have an HY designation for the section, for example: BIO-107-HYR01

      How do I know if a hybrid course section is right for me?

      >> Students who prefer to have some flexibility mixed with some structure generally prefer hybrid classes. Generally, hybrid classes meet every other week. Students who are successful in hybrid courses are able to work independently for the lecture-based component of the course and assignments related to the lecture, but prefer in-person instruction for any hands-on or experiential learning components and assignments.

      What kind of experience can I expect when I enroll in a hybrid course?

      >> In hybrid classes, instructors generally use Canvas for any session that is not held in-person and any content not related to the labs and clinicals that are on-ground. At least some assignments are likely to be submitted through Canvas.

      What kind of support is available to help me be successful?

      >> In addition to all of the supports provided to Hudson Online students, a hybrid class affords students the opportunity to meet in-person with the instructor on a regular basis (i.e., every other week). This provides students an opportunity to engage with their instructors to ask questions and have difficult concepts clarified.