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    NPTNJ is a partnership between New Jersey City University and many community colleges across the State of New Jersey. New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey offers a statewide alternate route teacher preparation program designed to provide candidates with the skills and strategies necessary to become excellent, successful teachers. Candidates take NPTNJ coursework at local NJ Community Colleges either on campus or as a hybrid program. The program provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to become licensed teachers without having to complete a traditional teacher training program. The NPTNJ program is regulated and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE).


    STEP 1:
    Contact us to obtain information about the New Pathways to Teaching program and our current and future offerings.

    STEP 2:
    Submit an application to NPTNJ, and in the meantime, begin your preparation.

    STEP 3:
    Obtain your Certificate of Eligibility (CE) through the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE). Your application for a CE should include the following supporting documents:

    1. College transcripts indicating a Bachelor’s Degree
    2. The Praxis II test
    3. The Core Academic Skills test
    4. GPA of 3.0

    You are strongly encouraged to set the process to obtain your CE in motion as soon as possible. The temporary certification is required to move along the program beyond the 50-hour pre-service requirement Introduction to Teaching course. In addition, the CE will enable you to seek employment as a teacher in a public, private, or parochial school. This is crucial, because candidates are required to have an active teaching job to start semester II of the program.

    A Provisional Certificate will be issued once candidates have completed the following requirements:

    • 50 hours of pre-service (The Introduction to Teaching)
    • Accept an offer of employment
    • Confirm enrollment in New Pathways’ 400-hour program
    • Confirm your enrollment in a district mentoring program.

    Please read the Overview as well as the other informational documents on the left-hand menu of this website before contacting the office for more information. After reading the contents, email Luis R. Sosa Santiago, lsosasantiago@hccc.edu, or call (201) 360-4244 with questions.


    HCCC will offer two sections of the 50-hour Introduction to Teaching course this fall. The dates and times for the course are listed below:

    • Section I: Sept. 18 to November 8. Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m.to 8 p.m.
    • Section II: Sept. 23 to December 9. Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    Classes are hybrid and registration for these courses ends on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Tuition for Introduction to Teaching is $295 for new students, and $50 for bridge students. Please note that Introduction to Teaching is now a 50-hour course as per the NJ Department of Education's revision to Alternate Route to Teaching.

    Please note the following quick facts regarding the revised Alternate Route to Teaching program:

    • The program is 400 hours.
    • At HCCC, a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) is no longer required to enroll in the 50–hour Introduction to Teaching course.*
    • Completion of the Introduction to Teaching course is no longer required to apply for a CE.* *
    • Students who started the old program within the last three years (24-hour Intro to Teaching, Stage I and II) but didn’t finish must complete “bridge” courses to catch up with the new curriculum.

    *Candidates are not required to have a CE to register for the Intro to Teaching course. However, they are required to hold a CE to enroll in Semester 1 of the program. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to start the process to obtain their CEs as soon as possible, as the process is very involved.

    **The DOE does not require that candidates complete Introduction to Teaching in order to apply for a CE. The only requirements are the undergraduate transcripts showing that the student meets the GPA requirement, and satisfactory Praxis scores.

    If you would like to register for one of these sections come to the office of Community Education and complete a Registration Form. Community Education is located in Suite E504 on the fifth floor of the Culinary Conference Center at 161 Newkirk Street, Jersey City, NJ 07306. All payments are processed in person.

    There will also be a number of Information Sessions that will cover the upcoming offerings and the changes to the program. Interested students are strongly encouraged to attend an Info Session to ask questions and learn more about New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey at Hudson County Community College.

    In the meantime, feel free to contact Luis R. Sosa Santiago at lsosasantiago@hccc.edu or (201) 360-4244 if you have any questions. 


    Wednesdays, September 6, 27, and November 8
    6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    Culinary Conference Center
    161 Newkirk St., Room E508
    Jersey City, NJ

    Thursdays, September 7, 28, and November 9
    6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    Culinary Conference Center
    161 Newkirk St., Room E508
    Jersey City, NJ