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  • Resources for Online Students

    Apply Online
    Students can usually complete applications online. To apply you can find the directions at http://www.hccc.edu/apply/ and the form is available here.

    Netiquette Guide for Online Courses
    Netiquette provides some basic guidelines about how to behave online to reduce online misunderstandings and miscommunications; view Hudson Online’s Netiquette Guide.

    Advisement & Counseling
    Please note that all students are supposed to work with an advisor prior to registering. You can email them at advising@live.hccc.edu and counseling@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4150. Visit the Website https://my.hccc.edu/advisement for more information.

    Canvas Support
    Support is available 24 hrs., every day of the year! To get technical support on Canvas you can email: support@instructure.com or phone: 833-685-8350

    IT Help Desk
    If you need help with your account, Email: itshelp@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4310. To get some helpful information and Acceptable Use policy, visit their Website at https://myhudson.hccc.edu/its/

    Online Tutoring is available to all HCCC students. Smarthinking, an online tutoring service, is available in every course on the Canvas course menu. It is available 24-hr, every day of the year. Note: If you need to request additional hours, or discuss issues contact the HCCC tutoring service, email: tc@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4187. You can visit their website at: https://my.hccc.edu/tutoring

    We have a beautiful award-winning library. To get assistance with readings, research, books Email: librarian@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4360. There is information on their Website: http://www.hccclibrary.net

    For getting accessibility information and assistance, Email: as@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4163. Please visit the Website for more information: https://my.hccc.edu/as

    Financial Aid
    Fully online students pay the same low tuition at HCCC as in county students. To get help with Financial Aid, Email: financial_aid@hccc.edu or phone: 201-360-4200 More information is available at : https://my.hccc.edu/fa

    Career Services
    Students are provided help with resumes and job searches. For assistance Email: career@hccc.edu. Or call 201-360-4184 More information is available at: https://my.hccc.edu/career-services