Important: COVID-19 Updates

OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

To get the latest updates, visit our Return to Campus Task Force page.

For a Healthcare Questionnaire (required before entering any HCCC facility), please click here.

    • Online Learning – Student Information
    • The Center for Online Learning (COL) team and Executive Director, Archana Bhandari, would like to extend a warm welcome to students in Hudson County Community College’s online courses.

      For semester start times, visit the Academic Calendar page on the MyHudson Portal. (Students have access to Online courses one week prior to the course starting.)

      Note to out-of-county online students: All fully Hudson Online students are being offered in-county tuition no matter where they live. If you are an out-of-county fully online student, consider changing your Major to reflect your fully online status to get the lower tuition rate. Talk to your advisor to get more guidance on this.

      Ready, Set, Go!

      Courses are Open

      It is highly recommended to use the latest Firefox (or Chrome for PCs) browser; do not use Internet Explorer or Safari. Direct your web browser to and login using your HCCC user id and password. Canvas is also available through the MyHudson Portal.

      Having trouble with access?

      If you have trouble logging in, contact IT for assistance (; 201-360-4310.) If you are able to log in to Canvas, but don’t see your course in the Dashboard or in the Courses > All Courses listing, be aware that it takes up to 24 hours after you have registered for a course to be added to the course’s Canvas roster. If it has been more than 24 hours since you registered, contact the Center for Online Learning ( or Canvas 24/7 (tel: 833-685-8350; email: for assistance.

      Initial Preparation

      To prepare yourself to work through a contingency please use the provided resources and checklist. These do not cover everything but have organized identified needs.

      1. Join the Classroom Student Guide to Canvas Online to familiarize yourself with online instruction.
      2. Ensure you have access to your course through a computer. If you do not have a computer you may qualify for a Chromebook device loaner through HCCC. To apply, fill out this form. You will be informed if you are eligible, and you will have to pick up the Chromebook at a specified time.
      3. The Student Introduction to Online Learning Webinar 
      Come and learn the Canvas online basics. We will show you how to login to Canvas and to access your course. The workshop will cover the Canvas basics, including how to complete assignments, interact with teachers, and view your grades. You will learn how to add yourself to the orientation course and get support as well. Check here for workshop times. (Register at least 24 hours Prior. You will receive an email with a link) Here is a recording of a previous workshop.
      4. There are additional resources on the MyHudson Portal and the Resource for Online Students page on the Hudson Website.
      5. For accessing files, access OneDrive Offsite Access To College Documents or contact the ITS Help Desk.

      Support, Support and More Support

      Canvas Support
      Support in using Canvas is available at any time of the day. Call Canvas User Support at 833-685-8350 (24/7) or email them at

      Canvas self-help
      Canvas provides helpful guides and videos. If you are new to Canvas, start with this video: Canvas Overview (Students) and see the attached handout

      Center for Online Learning
      For additional questions and support, contact the COL; call (201-360-4038) or email us at

      Online Academic Tutoring
      Having trouble with an assignment? You can schedule a free academic support session anytime, and work with someone one-on-on. Subject Matter Experts are also available. Click Smarthinking Online Tutoring in your Canvas course menu to make an appointment.

      Contact your instructor
      If you have a question about course content or assignments, send a message to the Instructor. Click ‘Inbox’ on the Global Canvas menu, or go to the Help menu and click “Send a message to your Instructor.” Ensure that you use your HCCC email to contact instructors, or it may be labelled as spam and filtered out by the email system and not reach your instructor.

      Other Support
      Check out Resources for Online Students in your course menu. There are several helpful contacts and links in every course including the library and advising.

      Online Course Attendance

      Attendance for each week requires that you post something in the course, whether it’s a graded Discussion post or submitting an Assignment or Quiz. Just logging in is not enough for you to be counted as attending a Hudson Online course. Attendance is required for Financial Aid.

      Remote Course Attendance

      Most courses being offered remotely are taught synchronously so you will be attending class virtually at the time your class is scheduled. Details will be provided by your instructor.


      For online and hybrid courses, students are automatically enrolled in Hudson Online Orientation for Students. If this is your first fully online course, or you are unfamiliar with online learning or Canvas, please complete the Orientation, which is available on your Canvas Dashboard.

      Students taking remote classes that are unfamiliar with Canvas should enroll themselves in Classroom Students Guide to Canvas Online.

      Please use these free courses to prepare for studying online. The courses provide tips, best practices for online success and introduce Canvas and related tools. We also have attached a brief handout for quick reference.

      There are additional resources such as workshops available to you on the COL Portal page at and inside every course are links to free online tutoring and Resources for Online Students.


      Accessibility is available in each course through Blackboard Ally. If you need any help please let us know at

      Technology Requirements

      If you are taking an online or hybrid course, you must have ready access to an up-to-date computer and reliable, fast internet access. Always use the latest version of the Firefox (or Chrome for PCs) browser for Canvas. Ensure pop-ups are allowed in your browser.
      • Make sure you have the latest versions of :
          • Microsoft Office on your computer.
              • Be familiar with creating documents
              • Be familiar with using your HCCC email account

       • Adobe Acrobat Reader (

       • Adobe Flash Player ( )

       • JRE (

      • Camera/Mic: You may need the ability to join interactive video discussions or participate in web-camera-enabled proctoring (for online exams you may have to have a secure environment and be prepared to show your face and place)

      • Please note that though in general we do not require a specific platform, Macs do not work with Microsoft Access and you will need access to a PC in courses that require Microsoft Access

      Tips for Success

        • Go through the Hudson Online Orientation for Students (for online and hybrid classes) or enroll in a Classroom Students Guide to Canvas Online (for remote classes).

        • Read the attached handout.

        • Reach out for help when you need it. We are all here to help you succeed.

      Good luck and please let us know if you need any help from the Center for Online Learning.

      Free Internet information

      FCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.

      Comcast COVID-19 response: offers free WiFi for 2 months to low income families plus all Xfinity hot-spots are free to the public during this time

      Charter Free Internet offer for 2 months

      AT&T COVID-19 response: offers open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low income families

      Verizon COVID-19 response: no special offers, but following the FCC agreement.

      Sprint COVID-19 response: follows FCC agreement, provides unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge.

      T-Mobile COVID-19 response: follows FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and, coming soon, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge.


      At this time WebEx cannot be used inside Canvas. However, you can send the link to your room through an email or announcement in your Canvas course. Click Here for WebEx

      WebEx is HCCC’s videoconferencing tool and is another option for maintaining instructional continuity. Instructors will set up their sessions. WebEx does require license holders to download software. If instructors choose to use this they will send you information and a link to join the video conference.

      Workshops are available online on registering here.

      Click here

      How To:
      Cisco WebEx Coping with Low Bandwidth
      Cisco WebEx Remote Working Best Practices
      E-book on WebEx meetings
      Faculty and Student Essentials eBook


      Instructors will normally contact students via email. Ensure that you check your SCHOOL email regularly. There is a section on how to communicate through email in the student orientation.