• The Academic Foundations Program at Hudson County Community College

    Having a good, solid knowledge and understanding of basic English and Math is vital to your academic success at Hudson County Community College. To ensure that you have this sturdy “foundation” to build upon, the College offers classes that strengthen basic skills in reading, writing, computation, and algebra so you can move along confidently to pursue your college-level courses.

    Upon entering the College, each student takes College Placement Tests in reading, writing, and math. The results of these tests are used to determine whether or not you need to be placed in Academic Foundations courses, or if you may proceed directly to college-level studies. If you do need any Academic Foundations courses, you will be placed in classes designed to meet your specific needs. These classes are taught by caring, qualified instructors who will work with you in achieving the proficiency needed to advance to college-level courses.

    Academic Foundations courses are reflected on your college record, but they do not count towards credits needed for a degree.

  • Contact Information

    Academic Foundations - Mathematics

    263 Academy Street (STEM Building), Room 505

    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    (201) 360-5356