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    • Whether you are a nonprofit, school or college, business, government entity or association – we are interested in working with you to meet your needs while advancing the professional development of our students.
      Here are some ways we can collaborate:

      Ways we can help you:


      Students can volunteer their time to nonprofits, government, and educational institutions. While volunteerism provides a free and helpful service to advance the mission of the organization, it is also a great opportunity for students to enhance their professional network and be exposed to other industries as they explore career paths.

      On the flip side – we welcome you to our campus to volunteer your time! We will happily accept your time and expertise in coaching students or leading a workshop.


      Internships are great opportunities for students to have a time-bound work opportunity with a clear learning objective. It is best practice to have paid internships – however, the Hudson County Community College Foundation can sponsor ten students a year at $15 an hour for 150 hours. We are committed to advancing the economic success of our students and paid opportunities reduce barriers while unpaid opportunities create barriers. Contact us for more information or to inquire about the Foundation Internship Program

      Classroom Visitation

      It is a privilege to have career professionals join the classroom to share their professional journey and explore career path opportunities within their organization. Students love hearing peoples’ stories, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the choices they have made to get to where they are now. Classroom visits are a great opportunity for our students to learn about careers they may not be aware of.


      We love to share – and we are happy to give you our workshop materials or come and lead a workshop at your institution on anything that relates to career development. We have partnered with high schools and nonprofits to teach their students and clients career development topics.


      The relationships we create are ultimately what advances our careers. We are in a world where getting a job very much centers on who you know. If you are interested in developing a more intimate and long term relationship with a student to support their professional journey – please reach out.

      There are endless possibilities and we love co-creating initiatives. We are keen to advance the local economy and doing so necessitates partnerships across the ecosystem. Have an idea? Let us know and we’ll figure it out together.

      • Resume Building
      • Cover Letter Writing
      • Interview Skills
      • Networking
      • Job Search Strategy
      • LinkedIn Profiles
      • WorkStyles Assessment


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      Career Services

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      Career Services

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