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    • Maria Tejada
      Career Advisor
      Maria is currently a grad student pursuing a degree in Counseling with a concentration in Student Affairs/Higher Education at Montclair State University. Maria is a product of community college, where she earned an Associate’s degree in Psychology. She was raised in Hudson County and is excited to be working in the community where she grew up. Maria’s goal is to guide students by providing resources to help them further their career path.


      Victoria Marino
      Director of Career Services
      For the first time, Tori has been afforded the opportunity to work in the same community in which she lives. A proud Jersey City resident for the past 5 years, she cannot imagine a better way to invest in the place she calls home – by serving Hudson County Community College students on their career journey. Tori strongly believes that everyone deserves employment in which one is productive, feels purpose in their life, and can prosper. Tori’s mission is to collaborate with the students, faculty, and administration of HCCC, and include the local Jersey City community and employers, to identify and create opportunities that align with students’ career paths, hopes, and dreams.

      Tori’s journey began at a community college in Middletown, NY. Since then, she has earned two master’s degrees and brings over 10 years of experience in the social service field. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor she worked with youth and their families. She has led programs that provided workforce development services to those receiving federal benefits. Her desire to have an impact on a systemic level prompted Tori to return to school for her MBA in Sustainability at Bard College. Tori’s education and experience have reinforced the belief that institutions can be managed with an integrated triple bottom line: economic success, environmental integrity, and social equity. Tori brings these values to her leadership and is committed to serving Hudson County Community College students and the community we are in.


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