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    • So, you are thinking about coming to Hudson County Community College? We think you should! Firstly, it will save you a boatload of money. Secondly, most employers don’t care about where you went to school – just that you successfully completed the degree.

      We in Career Services are major advocates for continuing your education beyond HCCC to a Bachelor’s Degree. Did you know that by earning an Associate’s Degree--and more so a Bachelor’s degree--one increases their median weekly earnings and decreases their chance of unemployment? Check out the graph below from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    • Here are some reasons why you should come to HCCC and work with Career

      Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative

      Every year, 10 high achieving students at HCCC are selected to participate in the Local College Collaborative and earn a $1000 stipend! In partnership with 30 other students at 3 other schools and the staff at Goldman Sachs – students work with an employer to solve a business challenge and participate in a series of professional development workshops at Goldman Sachs. It’s a great opportunity to network, gain public speaking experience, cultivate leadership skills and learn if you like working in a corporate environment.

      Foundation Internship Program

      Ten students every year can participate as an Intern with select partner employers for 150 hours and earn a $2250 stipend.

      On Campus Recruitment

      Career Services coordinates with employers to recruit students for job opportunities. You can have direct access to our network!



      • Club Collaboration Events: Career Services works with clubs for events and workshops that meet their unique needs. For example, we partner with the Business and Accounting Club to deliver a series of workshops to club members on topics like Business Plan Development and exploring your Work Style. Career Services also collaborates with the Photography Club to host professional headshot events for pictures to use on your LinkedIn profile! We are open and happy to join forces with anyone!
      • Fashion Show: every Fall Semester, Career Services sponsors a Fashion Show that promotes professional attire. Students, faculty and staff are invited to model (and keep the clothes).



      We work with students and alumni on all of their career development needs! Please click here to view the Current Student page and see a comprehensive list of services that we could potentially give you.

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