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    • "College Student Success" Prepares You to Succeed!

    • “College Student Success” is a one-credit course open to all students at Hudson County Community College that is designed to help you gain the skills that will assist you in succeeding academically, thriving interpersonally, and making informed personal career goals. The course is required for everyone who intends to graduate with an associate degree from the College, and will earn you one college-level credit. Grading is given as “Pass” or “Fail.”

      Through reading and writing assignments, seminars and discussion groups you will learn how to:

      • Access resources available through Hudson County Community College and other institutions in the community.
      • Manage your time ... and stress!
      • Better understand a syllabus, course catalog, and the academic policies of the College.
      • Improve your reading, writing and communications skills.
      • Develop note-taking, study and test-taking skills through instruction and practice.

      In “College Student Success,” you’ll learn from the best! The course is taught by our experienced and highly qualified Advisement & Counseling staff, as well as faculty members and administrators. We offer the course at various times during the day, weekdays, weekends, online, and in three different languages.

      For more information, contact us by emailing or by phoning (201) 360-4152.

    • Contact Information

      Center for Academic & Student Success
      70 Sip Avenue, 2nd Floor
      Jersey City, NJ 07306