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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • Welcome to the HCCC Communications Department

      The Communications Department at Hudson County Community College is dedicated to supporting the College’s mission and goals by promoting awareness and understanding of the College as a trusted resource for the residents and businesses of Hudson County.

      The Communications Department is the College’s public information center and is responsible for communicating with the College’s diverse audiences, both internally and externally. HCCC Communications integrates marketing, advertising and public/media relations to acquaint the community about the College’s mission, programs, services, plans and successes, and to engage the community’s participation and support.

      The Communications Department assists the College’s staff and students in preparing and distributing various types of information, including announcements and all major publications. This includes everything from flyers and postcards to press releases, newsletters, catalogs, billboards and other outdoor advertisements, videos, plus radio, TV and Internet commercials, and social media.

      The HCCC Communications Department is here to help students and staff in producing their communications materials, and to assist members of our community and the media in obtaining the information you want and need.

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