• HCCC Dual Admissions Program
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    It’s Easy. It’s Smart. You Benefit All the Way Around.

    1. Start your studies at HCCC. You’ll pay only $4,200* in tuition per year.
    2. In your freshman year, enroll in a dual admit program with Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey City University or Saint Peter’s University.
    3. Your HCCC and university advisors will direct your HCCC associate degree coursework so all of your credits transfer towards your bachelor’s degree.
    4. Enjoy tuition discounts and privileges at your university.
    5. * For full-time studies, excluding fees.
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    Tony Mastropietro

    Office of University Partnerships
    Phone: (201) 692-7310
    Email: mastro@fdu.edu

    • Transition to bachelor’s or bachelor’s/master’s programs
    • Automatically qualify for 40% savings on FDU tuition
    • HCCC Phi Theta Kappa scholars receive $18,000 scholarship in lieu of 40% tuition reduction
    • HCCC graduates with 3.5 GPA receive 40% reduction plus $1,000 scholarship
    • HCCC NJ STARS II grads receive 40% reduction plus $2,500 scholarship
    • Bachelor’s/master’s program students receive 40% reduction for graduate year
    • Get the 40% tuition reduction plus a $1,500 housing grant to live on campus
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    Hyen Le

    School of Business
    Phone: (201) 200-3379
    Email: njcu@hccc.edu

    • Transition to bachelor’s programs in Accounting, Allied Health Technologies, Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Health Sciences (Nursing BSN), Management, Mathematics, or Physics.
    • Use the NJCU Gym and Library
    • Attend NJCU cultural and athletic events
    • Maintain a 3.5 GPA at HCCC and earn a NJCU scholarship
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    Pamela De Leon

    Admissions Transfer
    Phone: (201) 761-7110
    Email: pdeleon@saintpeters.edu

    • Transition to bachelor’s programs in Accountancy, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Environmental Studies or Nursing as well as the HCCC-SPU Honors-to-Honors program.
    • Enjoy the use of the SPU Library, Student Center and Recreational Life Center
    • Take advantage of SPU scholarships, seminars and career advising