• Friends of Hudson County Community College

    HCCC VP of Development, Joe SansoneIn today’s ever-changing world, a college education is essential.

    Community colleges are proven, valuable resources to the areas they serve. According to a 2016 report by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC): “Nearly half of all undergraduates in the United States attend community colleges, and with good reason. These open-access institutions serve a diverse student population with diverse needs. From recent high school graduates to adult learners, the affordability and flexibility offered by community colleges can help put any person’s educational and career goals within reach.”

    The recent “The Equality of Opportunity Project” study ranked Hudson County Community College (HCCC) among the top 10 New Jersey colleges and universities for social mobility. (HCCC is the only community college in the NJ top 10, and placed in the top 120 of 2,200 U.S. higher education institutions.) The study shows that HCCC works as an engine of social mobility, helping working-class students achieve the American dream of a middle-class lifestyle. The study reveals that while 36.3% of students from HCCC come from the lowest fifth of the economic spectrum, 11% of those students actually end up in the top fifth of the economic spectrum. A very large percentage of those students achieve incomes that place them in the top three-fifths of the economic distribution.

    Recently, HCCC was named a finalist for the AACC 2017 Student Success Award of Excellence. It is one of dozens of national and state honors the College has received, including those from the Association of College & Research Libraries (the first NJ college or university to be so honored), Best Choice Schools (our Culinary Arts program is #6 in the U.S.), Association of Community College Trustees, AACC, National Tutoring Association, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, and Urban Green Project.

    This Fall, the new HCCC STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Building will open with expanded course offerings in this increasingly important area of study.

    Many of the opportunities at HCCC are possible solely because of the generosity of donors to our Foundation.

    With this letter we begin our 2017 Annual Appeal, and every contribution – regardless of size – counts! The more successful we are in this Appeal, the more deserving students will receive scholarships. A donation of $4,800 funds a full scholarship, which may bear the name of a company, an organization, or an individual. HCCC Foundation benefactors are offered the opportunity to meet the real students who are awarded scholarships at our Annual Donor-Scholar Reception.

    We hope we may count on your support for the 2017 HCCC Foundation Annual Appeal. Should you have any questions, you may address them to me by phoning (201) 360-4006, or by emailing jsansone@hccc.edu.

    Thank you for your consideration and support.


    Joseph D. Sansone
    Vice President for Development
    Phone: (201) 360-40006
    Email: jsansone@hccc.edu