• Using the Hudson Community College Logo and Seal

    An organization’s logo is its “face,” the one element that identifies the organization to the general public. Organizations spend a great deal of time, thought and funds to develop a logo that portrays them properly, and it should be utilized as it was designed and adopted by the organization.

    The Hudson County Community College logo represents the students, faculty, and staff as well as the people and businesses affiliated with the College either as students or as partners. For that reason, it is most important that the College’s logo always be used properly.

    The Hudson County Community College logo is composed of three components:
    1. The HCCC Icon (Lady Liberty)
    2. The Hudson County Community College wordmark
    3. The tagline, “A World of Possibilities”

    No unauthorized wordmark, logo or graphic element may be used to represent the College or any of its departments, programs or offices. The HCCC logo is protected by copyright and/or trademark. Any unauthorized use of the HCCC logo may be copyright infringement. Copying and redistributing the logo in any manner for commercial use, including commercial publication for personal gain, is strictly prohibited.

    Anyone wishing to use the logo or seal must obtain express written permission from the Director of Communications. Please email communications@hccc.edu or phone 201-360-4061.

    Using Images of Hudson County Community College and Its Students

    In order to photograph, film or record the College’s students, campus or facilities, appropriate approval must be obtained in advance. Please contact the Director of Communications’ office by emailing jchristopher@hccc.edu or phoning 201-360-4061.

    Personal and Non-Authorized Web Pages

    Hudson County Community College students and employees who create personal web pages — or web pages that have not been authorized by the College — and include information about the College should be cognizant of the fact that their web pages do reflect upon the College. Therefore, any student or employee who does mention the College on her/his personal web pages must include a disclaimer stating that the views expressed on the pages are those of the individual, and not those of Hudson County Community College.

    HCCC Logo Do’s and Don’ts: 

    1. DO ask permission. 
    The Hudson County Community College logo is only to be used on authorized HCCC documents, notices, offerings, advertisements and web site pages after obtaining express written permission for its use. Anyone who is affiliated with the College and has a legitimate need to use our logo is asked to request permission by contacting us at jchristopher@hccc.edu.

    2. DO use the logo as provided. 
    The logo icon and wordmark are to be used together as they have been provided to you. You may not use them independently of one another.

    3. DON’T change the typeface of the wordmark.

    4. DON’T alter the proportions (width and height) of the icon. 
    Please do not redraw the icon or isolate and utilize any one part of it (such as the torch or the crown).

    5. DON’T change the logo colors. 
    The logo is to be printed in Pantone 3272u (for a one- or two-color print job) or Pantone DS-255-1 (for a full-color print job). It is also acceptable to print the logo in all black. 

    6. DON’T tilt, skew or manipulate the logo. 
    The logo was meant to be displayed and read as it is shown here.

    7.  DO make the logo easy to read. 
    We encourage you to always use a high-quality image file of the logo and to display it with pride where it is easily seen. Do not use the logo smaller than one inch wide.

    College Seal Guidelines

    The College’s seal is to be used solely on specific official documents, such as diplomas, certifications and the like. The same usage rules that apply to our logo also apply to our seal.

  • Contact Information

    HCCC Communications Department
    162 Sip Avenue — 2nd Floor            
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201) 360-4060