• About the HCCC Board of Trustees

    Hudson County Community College is governed by its Board of Trustees, a group of eleven voting members selected from the community, as well as two non-voting members — the College President and a student representative elected annually from the graduating class. The County Superintendent of Schools serves ex-officio. The Governor of New Jersey appoints two Trustees, and the remaining voting members are appointed by the Hudson County Executive with the advice and consent of the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

    The voting members of the Board of Trustees served four-year terms. (Trustees may maintain their Trustee status indefinitely if the appointing authority chooses to do so.) The HCCC Board of Trustees must include at least two women. All of the College’s Trustees must be residents of Hudson County for at least four years prior to their appointment. County employees are not allowed to serve on the College’s Board of Trustees.

    The Board of Trustees meet in public session once a month, ten times a year.

    Present Members of the HCCC Board of Trustees

    Chair: William J. Netchert, Esq.
    Vice Chair: Bakari Gerard Lee, Esq.
    Secretary/Treasurer: Karen A. Fahrenholz
    Kevin G. Callahan, J.S.C. (Ret.)
    Roberta Kenny
    Joanne Kosakowski
    Jeanette Peña
    Adrienne Sires
    Harold G. Stahl, Jr.
    Joseph Zarra
    Trustee Emeritus: James A. Fife
    College President: Dr. Glen Gabert
    Alumni Representative: Jahrell A.I. Thompson


    Download the HCCC Board of Trustees' Annual Calendar of Meetings.

    After each meeting of the Hudson County Community College Board of Trustees, the Office of the President distributes a Summary of Proceedings. Listed below are links to the meeting summaries:
     January 28, 2014
     October 15, 2013
     September 18, 2013
     August 13, 2013
     June 11, 2013
     May 14, 2013
     April 9, 2013
     March 12, 2013
     February 19, 2013
     January 22, 2013
     November 20, 2012  
     October 9, 2012
     September 11, 2012
     August 14, 2012
     June 12, 2012
     May 8, 2012
     April 10, 2012
     March 13, 2012
     February 21, 2012
     January 17, 2012
     October 18, 2011
     September, 13, 2011 
     August 16, 2011 
     June 14, 2011 
     May 10, 2011