• The Honors Program at Hudson County Community College

  • Each semester, the College offers a number of “Honors Courses.” These courses are part of a degree program designed to challenge and enrich the academic experiences of students who excel academically. Honors Program students benefit in many ways with classes that:

    •  Provide challenging course work and exciting class discussions;
    • Are smaller in size, and offer more one-on-one interaction with instructors;
    • Encourage independent research and work;
    • Include assignments of greater complexity and depth; 
    • Enable participants to meet, work and socialize with other students of similar ability and resourcefulness.

    A big plus to being an Honors Program student: The designation of honors courses on your transcript! Four-year colleges and universities look for this recognition of higher achievement.

    If you are interested in the HCCC Honors Program, you should have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0, and have at least a 3.25 for your most recent coursework. New students who wish to pursue Honors courses are admitted to the program based upon results of admission testing.

    Contact the coordinator to learn more about the HCCC Honors Program at (201) 360-4665, or email Honors@hccc.edu