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    • The Honors Program at Hudson County Community College

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      Preparing for the Honors Poster/Project Showcase gives you experience in synthesizing your work, displaying it and discussing your findings. It allows you to share an aspect of what you have learned with the college community. And, as an institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the HCCC Honors Program prepares you for the experiences you will encounter in four-year honors programs.

      Attendance at the poster showcase is mandatory. You will be making one poster for each of your Honors classes. Your poster should be constructed so that it presents the most important parts of your paper in a self-explanatory manner. The HCCC Writing Center will host Poster/Project Workshops to help you with this process. The basics:

      • Be created in Microsoft PowerPoint on one, landscape layout slide
      • Slide should be adjusted to 24 x 36
      • Be submitted as a PDF
      • * Files submitted through OneDrive or in .jpeg format will not be accepted. *
      • Contain 250 - 400 words
      • Include quality images using photographs, graphs, charts, figures and maps
      • Include:
        • Title of project, section headings, section text
        • Works Cited or References
        • Any relevant images & appropriate captions
        • Your name, your professor’s name and course code

      If emailed to, by Thursday, April 23rd, the Honors Program will take care of printing your poster. If your poster is not submitted by that date, printing will be your responsibility.


      Some students will be selected to present their in-class research papers as part of a conference-style panel. Students are recommended by their professors.


      How do I resize the PowerPoint slide to 24 x 36?
      This can be done in the “Design” Tab on PowerPoint. Under “Slide Size” you will be able to select “Custom Slide Size…” which will open the slide size menu. Change: Width to 36 in. and Height to 24 in. The following should also be set, sometimes by default, Number of Slides: 1, Slides: Landscape, and Notes, Handouts & Outline: Portrait.

      What should I expect on the day of the showcase?
      The college community will be invited to visit the Virtual Showcase Gallery. Our event will begin with the Awards Ceremony prior to individuals receiving the link and transitioning to the Virtual Showcase Gallery. You can be present with your poster in the gallery as individuals can communicate with one another in the virtual platform.

      By when do I need to arrive?
      The Showcase / Awards Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:00pm on December 10th through Zoom. Please make sure that you are ready to log in on Zoom at that time. The Virtual Showcase Gallery link will be disseminated at the Awards Ceremony on Zoom. You can then go onto the Virtual Showcase Gallery and mingle with fellow students, college faculty, and college staff. This link can also be shared with family and friends who can access the Virtual Showcase Gallery from their homes.

      How should I dress?
      Even though the event is remote, business casual is the preferred dress.

      Is there anything else I should know?

      • Proofread! Proofread! Any grammatical or mechanical error is going to be magnified (literally) due to the size of the poster.
      • Make sure the poster communicates the intended information in an interesting, visual manner.
      • Please make sure your poster is sent as a PNG or JPEG file to upload for the Virtual Gallery

      Can I invite my family and friends?
      Yes! Friends and family are welcome at the Paper Presentations and Poster Showcase. However, the dinner is for students, faculty, and leadership only.



      Showcase Workshops & Deadlines
    • Contact Information
      Pamela Bandyopadhyay
      Associate Dean

      Kyle J Woolley
      Interim Honors Program Coordinator

      Hope Guirantes
      Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs