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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • Learning Communities Lead to Greater Student Success!

    • The "buddy system" — engaging the support, assistance, thinking and expertise of others — is a proven method of achieving a goal successfully. Learning communities build upon that “buddy system” idea by having the same group of students take two or more courses in a cluster that are linked by a common theme.

      In learning communities, two or three professors coordinate class work, assignments and field trips to help the linked group of students (the community) discover and explore connections between distinct and seemingly unrelated fields of study.

      Learning community classes are smaller, informal and interactive, so that the students and faculty get to know one another better by sharing ideas, considering one another’s viewpoints, and helping one another learn. Learning communities faculty meet weekly to discuss their students’ progress, and tutors are assigned to work with the community under the faculty members’ supervision.

      Enjoy the benefits of being part of a HCCC learning community, including opportunities to develop group and leadership skills as well as insight into your next phases of education or career.

      Contact the coordinator to learn more about the HCCC Learning Communities Program at at (201) 360-4162 or e-mail