Important: COVID-19 Updates

As we begin the implementation of Return to Campus plan, starting Saturday, August 8, the STEM, Culinary, and 162/168 Sip Ave. buildings will be closed for maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. We will inform the College community when the work has been completed. All other buildings are open as per RTC.

Message from HCCC President Reber on Return to Campus (July 23, 2020)

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HCCC Restart Plan (July 22, 2020)
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Coronavirus Updates (June 1, 2020)
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To get the latest updates, visit our Return to Campus Task Force page.

    • EDU-211 : Foundations of American Education

      Academic Level:
      Based on the current ideas about teaching in America today, this course is a practical introduction to the teaching profession. It explores the knowledge attitudes, behaviors, and skills of good teachers and provides a realistic foundation for understanding the field of education and teaching as a profession. Students build a foundation of self-knowledge, knowledge of education as an institution and as a career, knowledge of teaching competencies and of issues in education. Students are required to spend a minimum of 12 hours in an elementary or secondary school classroom observing and recording child behaviors.