Important: COVID-19 Updates

As we begin the implementation of Return to Campus plan, starting Saturday, August 8, the STEM, Culinary, and 162/168 Sip Ave. buildings will be closed for maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. We will inform the College community when the work has been completed. All other buildings are open as per RTC.

Message from HCCC President Reber on Return to Campus (July 23, 2020)

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HCCC Restart Plan (July 22, 2020)
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Coronavirus Updates (June 1, 2020)
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To get the latest updates, visit our Return to Campus Task Force page.

    • CSS-100 : College Student Success

      Academic Level:
      Student Success
      College Student Success
      Helps students acquire the skills and perspective they need in order to simultaneously succeed in college and prepare for careers. Students explore the cultures of college and the workplace with an emphasis on the role of communication skills, credentials, and research techniques in each. Time and stress management are also considered. Students submit weekly journals on assigned topics. In addition, they participate in small group discussions and seminars, investigate the support services available in the College and community, and prepare job search portfolios.