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    • CAI-118 : Pantry and Breakfast Cookery

      Academic Level:
      Culinary Arts
      Culinary Arts
      An introduction to the basic and advanced level of breakfast cookery, including basic egg preparations, breakfast meats, potatoes, quick breads, batters, various breakfast items, farinaceous and hot and cold cereals. Students will experience short order cooking, and will gain knowledge of time and temperature in the preparation of various breakfast items. Skills and techniques will be developed in the preparation of meat products, such as sausage-making, and in the preparation of other breakfast meats. Ethnic and multicultural breakfast foods will be explored, as well as creative and modern breakfast alternatives. This course also serves as an introduction to the preparation of various salads, including simple, composed, bound, and hot/cold combinations. Emphasis will be on the preparation of dressings, dips, spreads, classical and modern sandwich-making, identification and use of salad greens, and fruit preparations.