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    Spring 2018 Quick Term (Monday, February 12 - Monday, May 14)

    This is a great option for students who cannot commit to a 15-week term or motivated learners who prefer a fast-paced format.

    Below you will find a series of links to key pages that will guide you towards enrollment.

    Your first step: File an Admissions Application at www.hccc.edu/apply.

    Should you be relying on financial aid, please visit www.fafsa.gov and begin the process.

    Please visit these links for additional information:

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    Should you have specific questions, we are here to assist you: admissions@hccc.edu

  • Spring 2018 Quick Term Course Offerings

    Course Number Course Name
    BIO-111 Anatomy and Physiology I
    BIO-211 Anatomy and Physiology II
    CHEM-211 College Chemistry II
    CHP-111 College Chemistry I
    CSC-100 Intro to Computers & Computing
    CSS-100 College Student Success
    ENG-072 / RDG-072 Basic Writing II/Basic Reading II
    ENG-073 / RDG-073 Basic Writing III/Basic Reading III
    ENG-101 College Composition I
    ENG-102 College Composition II
    ENG-112 Speech
    ESL-020 / ESL-030 Introduction to ESL Writing/Introduction to Grammar for ESL Writing
    ESL-022 / ESL-032 ESL Writing II/Grammar for ESL Writing II
    ESL-042 / ELS-062 ESL Reading II/ ESL Academic Discussion II
    HIS-210 History of Western Civ I
    HUM-101 Cultures and Values
    MAT-070 / MAT-073 Basic Algebra/Basic Algebra Workshop
    MAT-071 Basic Mathematics
    MAT-100 College Algebra
    MAT-110 Precalculus
    MDC-101 Clinical Coding I
    MDC-110 CPT/HCPCS Coding I
    PFT-101 Foundations of Personal Training
    PFT-103 Health Fitness Management
    PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
    PSY-260 Lifespan Development
    SOC-101 Principles of Sociology