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    • Admission Process: Radiography Program

      For the Class starting August 2021: Class of 2023

      Detailed below are the Program Admission Requirements. Admission to Hudson County Community College does not guarantee automatic admission to the Radiography Program. A student entering the program must fulfill both classroom and clinical requirements. The clinical education is a competency–based system. By that, it is meant that students’ progress through the clinical education system based on demonstration of acquired skills imaging patients of various patient types with a minimum of 62 required evaluations.

      Additionally, competency-based education implies that the student is introduced to new information and skills in a step-wise, planned fashion with skill verification at each level before students may progress to the next level. The following excerpt is taken from the website: "Clinical Competency Requirements”

      The purpose of the clinical competency requirements is to verify that individuals certified and registered by the ARRT have demonstrated competency performing the clinical activities fundamental to a particular discipline. Competent performance of these fundamental activities, in conjunction with mastery of the cognitive knowledge and skills covered by the radiography examination, provides the basis for the acquisition of the full range of procedures typically required in a variety of settings. Demonstration of clinical competence means that the candidate has performed the procedure independently, consistently, and effectively during the course of his or her formal education."


      Application for admission may be obtained from the Radiography Program office upon request or online at Submit Technical Standards, Step 2, with application.

      DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: March 26, 2021

      In order to be competitive, it is very important that the applicant complete most, if not all, of the pre-requisite courses by the end of the spring semester of the application deadline year. You are encouraged to obtain the highest grades for the required courses, as this is crucial in the ranking process. For any courses taken at colleges other than Hudson County Community College, you must submit your official transcripts with your application.

      Admission Requirements:
      1. Attendance of a Radiography Information Session

      2. Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
         a. All general pre-requisite courses must be a C or higher
         b. Science courses must be a C grade and no older than 5 years.

      3. Applicant Testing: Applicants can submit either test results for ranking:
         a. Test of Essential Academic Skills, for Allied Health (TEAS) — test scores must be received by April 30, 2021. Applicants must receive a minimum score of 50 in the Science and a minimum score of 50 in the total Composite score.
         b. SAT-score must be 480 or higher in both Math and Verbal; no older than 5 years; the most recently submitted score will be used— test scores must be received by April 30, 2020.

      4. A successful clearance of a full criminal background check is mandatory
         • A successful background clearance must be confirmed prior to the Interview.
         • A pre-application to the (fee $100.00) is required if candidate may not be eligible to sit for the registry examination, due to a conviction record that may affect their eligibility to sit for the Registry. This must be done prior to starting the program.

      5. Graduates of home schooling are not awarded a New Jersey endorsed high school diploma, therefore, the Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners requires “An applicant who presents a home schooling high school certificate/diploma must also include the following:
         • The person must obtain a New Jersey State high school diploma by: (1) passing the General Education Development (GED) Test; or (2) completing 30 general education credits leading to a degree at an accredited institution of higher education and by performing at the proficient or advanced proficient level of achievement in all sections of the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA).
      Regarding a GED: The following are acceptable forms of proof of a New Jersey issued high school diploma: (1) a NJ State high school diploma (Please note that NJDOE does not issue duplicate diplomas. Therefore, if the diploma is lost, candidates must submit one of the other forms of proof); (2) NJDOE issued transcript showing that a diploma was issued; (3) passing one of the following examinations: (a) ETS-HISET (High School Equivalency Test) provided that all subtests are 9 or higher, or (b) McGraw Hill TASC (Test of Adult Secondary Completion) provided that all subtests are 9 or higher, or (c) Pearson Vue-GED provided that all subtests are 15 or higher. Important: A general statement of “Pass” on a score report is not sufficient to determine eligibility.

      6. Applicants from other states must provide an official high school transcript or a copy of their high school diploma (see #5 regarding home schooling high school certificates).

      7. Applicant must be of good moral character as required by the New Jersey Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

      8. Able to meet the essential functions of the technical standards necessary for the course of study in the program (see “technical standards” in application packet)

      . 9. Foreign Education:
         • For those who are not U.S. Citizens: current legal status documentation is required.
         • Applicants with high school and/or college education from outside the United States must have their transcripts translated and evaluated by a professional evaluation agency. A course by course evaluation is required and the below listed General Education courses must be evaluated as a 3-credit course with a passing grade of “C” (Math-English-A&P I-Psychology-Computers). Allow ample time for processing. An application will not be processed without this documentation.

         • The following evaluation agency is recommended by the program:
         P.O. Box 5087
         Bowling Green Station
         New York, New York 10274-5087
         Telephone: 212.966.6311

      Contact for other third-party evaluators that will be accepted by the ARRT in order for the candidate to be eligible to sit for the ARRT Certification Examination. The following information is from the ARRT website:

      "International degrees awarded by institutions outside of the U.S. (and not otherwise recognized by ARRT) must be evaluated by a credential evaluation service that is a member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE) and/or the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)."


      Please read, sign and date the attached form that states you are capable of fulfilling these requirements. Download the forms here and return with application.


      Two (2) letters of recommendation (no relatives or friends) must be submitted with application.


      a. Interviews will only be scheduled after program receives successful background clearance.
      b. The interview will be conducted by members of the Radiography Program Admissions Committee. The Program Director and the Radiography Program Admissions Committee uses the Admission Ranking Criteria Form in making decisions regarding an applicant’s readiness for admission to the Radiography Program.


      Admissions to the Radiography Program will be determined by a point ranking system in the Admission Ranking Criteria Form including date of application. Applications will be reviewed by the Radiography Admissions Committee to be scored and ranked by the following criteria:
         • Cumulative GPA
         • Number of general education classes completed
         • GPA of specified science and math courses
         • Entrance Exam score:
            i. TEAS: Qualified applicants may take the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills Test at the HCCC Testing Center. Candidates will only be allowed to take one (1) retest in order to review the Topics listed in their results of the Individual Performance Profile. TEAS testing begins in the Fall Semester. Applicants must wait a minimum of 2 months to retake the test in order to allow time to remediate sections needing improvement before the March 26, 2021 deadline. If the student repeats the TEAS test, the higher of the scores will be used. Please refer to the ATI-TEAS. (/academic-skills-center/Pages/ATI-TEAS-Testing.aspx) Testing website page for more information.
      The ATI TEAS practice test can be downloaded at no cost through your mobile device.
            ii. SAT: 480 or higher in both Math and Verbal (essay is not required); no older than 5 years; the most recently submitted score will be used. Qualified applicants may register to take the SAT at:
         • Attendance of a Radiography Information Session
         • In addition to steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 under Admission Requirements, additional college degrees, health related certificates, references, interview, related activities/experiences such as health related careers and volunteering are considered in the application process. Upon notification of acceptance, the applicant will receive a handbook to review and acknowledge enrollment into the program.
         • Upon acceptance to the Radiography program, all students are required to obtain the following by a specified deadline date:
            i. $500 payment and confirmation of seat deposit/processing fee. (credited towards tuition)
            ii. A current physical examination which includes a specified immunization record and required laboratory work.
            iii. Verification of successful completion of CPR: (specific to health care practitioners). This should be completed in August for 2-year issue to allow for clinical education.
            iv. A successful clearance of a mandatory drug testing screening.
         • Notification of acceptance into the program will occur when Admission Committee meets after April 30, 2020.
      Applicants will receive notification through the e-mail if they are accepted, placed on the wait list or not accepted. Candidates receiving identical ranking scores will be accepted based on earliest Application date. Once the class is filled, based on clinical capacity, any additional accepted applicants will be placed on a waiting list as alternates for the current application year only. If not chosen, those alternates would need to reapply again as a new applicant for the following year.

         1. TEAS scores no older than 5 years from test date will be accepted.
         2. SAT scores no older than 5 years from test date will be accepted.



      1. Malpractice: Students must obtain their own malpractice liability insurance which is purchased by the student online each year in August. The student must provide proof of the current policy in order to participate at the clinical sites. *HPSA is the provider; Phone: 1-800-962-9491. Annual cost for $2-4 million; Coverage is approximately $45.00

      2. Health: Students must provide proof of current Mandatory health insurance/coverage while enrolled in the program with application.


      It is the student’s right to choose to disclose any medical condition including pregnancy. If a student becomes pregnant while attending the program, the student has three (3) options:
         1. Not to disclose the pregnancy.
         2. To voluntarily disclose the pregnancy, in writing, to the Program Director, and continue in the program without modification.
            a. Student may withdraw the declaration of pregnancy at any time, in a signed written statement, that will be filed with the Radiation Safety Officer and the program.
         3. A written notice for Leave of Absence, which is allowed for up to 8 weeks.

      The following choices are available Options with Modifications:
         1. If the confirmation of pregnancy occurs within the first semester, the student may choose to withdraw from the Program and return at the beginning of the first semester the following year, a repeat background check will be mandatory; no re-application process is needed.
         2. If the pregnancy occurs after the completion of the first semester the student may choose to withdraw from the Program and re-enter the following year at the beginning of the same semester as withdrawal. A repeat background check will be mandatory; no re-application process is needed.
         3. If the student does not choose to withdraw from the Program, all didactic and clinical requirements must be satisfactorily met before a diploma will be granted. This may be accomplished by:
            a. Attending all didactic sessions and clinical rotations during the pregnancy, with modifications.


      In order to graduate from Hudson County Community College Radiography Program and receive an Associate in Science Degree (A.S.), the student must complete the following:
      A. Successfully pass all courses listed in the General Education & Science requirements for the program
      B. Successfully pass all didactic courses listed for the Professional component
      C. Students must demonstrate clinical competence in a minimum of 62 required clinical competency evaluations on patients ranging from Pediatric to Geriatric to Trauma. A JRCERT and New Jersey R.T. Board of Examiners accredited program is responsible for ensuring that prior to graduating, the student is capable of completing the 4 goals of the program which are:
          1. Students will possess the knowledge and skills to competently perform entry-level diagnostic imaging procedures.
          2. Students will use effective critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
          3. Students will use written and verbal communications skills capably
          4. Students will value the need for professional growth and development
      D. Complete all program requirements in addition to course and competency evaluations, e.g. required clinical time by Program Completion Date.
      E. Satisfy all financial obligations with the college in order to obtain A.S. degree.
      F. Submit Graduation Degree Audit in May before graduation (non-refundable fee) G. Remain of good moral character upon graduating in order to be eligible to sit for the ARRT national certification examination and obtain a New Jersey State issued license to practice Diagnostic Radiography. [N.J.A.C.7:28-19.11(a)1] Please visit application requirements for NJ and /ARRT:


      The student must complete the program within no less than two (2) calendar years and no more than three (3) calendar years from the point of admission to the full day program track. The student is considered to be a full day student in the program when:
      1. They begin the 30-credit professional course of the program sequence
      2. The N.J. RT Board of Examiners has been notified that they have begun the 2-year sequence *The admissions and educational policies of the Hudson County Community College Radiography Program are non-discriminatory and administered with respect to any legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin and any other protected class

    • Contact Information

      Cheryl Cashell
      Director of Radiography
      (201) 360-4782

      Catherine Sirangelo-Elbadawy, Associate Dean
      Nursing and Health Sciences Division
      870 Bergen Ave.
      F Building
      Jersey City, NJ 07306

      (201) 360-4267