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    Yassine Dribki

    Yassine Dribki

    Class of: 2016
    Degree Program: Associate of Science – Science and Mathematics (Mathematics)

    What factors led you to decide to attend Hudson County Community College
    HCCC is affordable and close to where I live.

    What is your favorite memory of the College, in or out of the classroom?
    Taking evening classes (Engineering Physics 2 and Calculus 3). Those were fun.

    How did you become interested in mathematics?
    I always loved math since primary school. There is also the fact that somehow, math is involved in everything we do, and without it we would be deprived from lots of things.

    How did your time at HCCC prepare you for your career/ life now?
    It has made me prepared to enroll in a four-year school. Coming from a third world country, I didn’t know what to focus on in college. So I would definitely say that HCCC was a great initiation.

    What is a typical work day for you?
    Long! I go to school at New Jersey Institute of Technology full-time and work at the Dean of STEM office at HCCC. It’s a lot to manage, but I make it work. I love being busy.

    What has been the most memorable project/case you have worked on?
    This summer’s [2018] REU project, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, was the most exciting/memorable project I’ve worked on. I got to implement a lot of math and programming I’ve learned during my junior year at NJIT.

    Who are your biggest inspirations that have impacted your work in some way?
    All my math instructors from HCCC and NJIT.

    What advice would you give to recent HCCC graduates?
    There are many opportunities out there that you can hear from either your instructors, your college career fairs, or other recruiters. You might want to be watchful and not miss any of that.

    What advice do you have for those students who are just starting their college careers?
    DO NOT GIVE UP! This might sound clichéd, but many people give up after one unpleasant experience. You need to hold tight, keep working hard and doing the best you can. You’ll see, It’s definitely worth it!