Siroun Meguerditchian

Siroun Meguerditchian

Degree Program: Culinary Arts
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Culinary Arts

Siroun Meguerditchian - Ms. M as she is known to her students and colleagues - has been a force behind Hudson County Community College's Culinary Arts program for nearly 30 years.

An accomplished, committed and respected professor, Ms. M served as Executive Director of the HCCC Culinary Arts Institute from 1994 to 1998. Prior to joining HCCC, she was Matterhorn Hotel and Conference Center's Director of Food and Beverage, and Middle East Airlines' Director of In-Flight Services. She is a graduate of the Collège Des P.P. Mekhitaristes De Vienne, and she holds certifications from a variety of prestigious organizations, including the American Hotel/Motel Association, Le Comité Nationale Des Vins De France, and Sommelier Institute of New Jersey. Ms. M is a recipient of the National Institute for Organizational and Staff Development (NISOD) 2000 Excellence Award, and has been inducted as Dame De La Chaîne in the Confrérie De La Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs.

Ms. M is dedicated to ensuring students are successful in their academic and career pursuits. Fluent in five languages (English, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish and French), she has made a point of knowing and mastering the newest tools, techniques, customs and trends in the culinary and hospitality arts, and brings that knowledge to her students. Her real-life career and worldwide travel experiences provide her with a wealth of insight that she readily shares with her students - learning no textbook can furnish.

Siroun Meguerditchian has also lent her talent and expertise to bettering the lives of others through extensive volunteer work within the community.