• College Placement Test (Accuplacer)

    Welcome to HCCC! The CPT is a computerized assessment used to assist with English/Math course placement. You may be exempt from the CPT, if you have college-level transfer credit, qualifying ACT/SAT or Accuplacer scores from another institution. For more information, visit www.hccc.edu/testing


    Before taking the CPT:
    • Avoid semesters of pre-college courses: Review, Brush-up, and Study!!! See reverse side for free study resources
    • For special testing accommodations, contact Disability Support Services at 201-360-4157 in advance.
    On the day of CPT:
    • Make sure you eat and rest well
    • Bring photo ID, College Wide ID #, pen, and pencil
    CPT Schedule:
    JSQ/NHC walk in: Students can start test anytime between hours posted. 
    JSQ/NHC start times: Students must start test at indicated times. 

              January 2020

    Term: Spring 2020

    January 2020 testing schedule


    JSQ (Main Campus, Library Building): 71 Sip Ave, Jersey City
    NHC (North Hudson Campus):  4800 Kennedy Blvd, Union City


    Academic Success begins with preparation for
    the College Placement Test (Accuplacer)


    College Placement Test
    *Approximately 2-3 hours

    • Writing:1 hr. timed/typed essay
    • Reading: untimed/multiple choice
    • Math:untimed/multiple choice

    Writing Proficiency Test
    *90 minutes


    The WPT is required when Eng 101 transcript is older than 10 years; this exam is handwritten.  


    English as a Second Language placement test
    *Approximately 2.5-3.5 hours

    • ESL Reading: untimed/multiple choice
    • ESL Grammar: untimed/multiple choice
    • ESL Listening: untimed/multiple choice
    • ESL Essay: 1 hr. timed/handwritten essay
    • Must achieve qualifying score on ESL Reading Skills to take Math Placement test


    Brush up on your English & Math skills with the following free resources:  

    Testing & Assessment study resources: www.hccc.edu/testing
    EdReady Math and English study tool: https://hccc.edready.org
    Accuplacer web study app: https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org

    View additional Accuplacer Study Resources at:www.hccc.edu/accuplacerstudyresources



  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the college placement test (CPT)?

    When do I have to take the college placement test (CPT)?

    Do I have to take the CPT?

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    What is the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT)? How long is test?

    What subject areas are covered on the English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test? How long is test?

    Why is it important for me to study and prepare for the CPT?

    How can I prepare for the CPT?

    I’m not happy with my CPT results, can I take test again?

    Can I use a calculator?

    How can I set up testing accommodations (i.e. extended time)?

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    HCCC Testing and Assessment
    Gabert Library
    71 Sip Ave., Lower Level
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201) 360-4190