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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • ESL/English Division
    • Academic Foundations English

      Academic Foundations English (AFE) offers classes in Basic English to assist students in learning the skills that will provide the foundation for their future college work success. Qualified instructors treat students with the respect they deserve as adults in college and create motivating classroom environments. Classes are designed to meet the particular academic needs of each student. Ultimately, the goal is to give students the academic stronghold they need to succeed in college-level courses.

      Upon entering the college, each student takes college placement tests in reading, writing, and math. Using the AF placement matrix, students’ reading and writing scores are used to place them in English 101 or in any of the three levels of Basic English. Some students may be evaluated further to determine if ESL courses are better suited to them. Students will complete their AF requirements only in the needed subject areas.

    • English

      The mission of the English Division is to promote student growth in written and oral communication, critical and creative thinking, critical reading, and literary analysis.
      The English Division seeks to:

            1. Reinforce essential reading and writing skills and promote collaboration among disciplines;
            2. Provide students with an introduction to academic discourse;
            3. Contribute to students' understanding of diversity and cultural literacy;
            4. Foster an appreciation for literature;
            5. Engage with the communities in which our students operate;
            6. Promote information literacy, which in turn develops better informed and more engaged citizens.
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    • ESL Bilingual

      One of Hudson County’s greatest assets is its extraordinary ethnic diversity, and the College reflects that diversity — more than one-third of HCCC students were born outside of the United States and have reported nearly 105 different countries as their places of birth! Since English may not be the first language for many of our students, the College offers an extensive program of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. New students are placed in these courses according to the results of their scores on the Level of English Proficiency Test and a holistically scored writing sample.
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