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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • Federal Work Study


      **Federal Work Study Forms**

      All required forms must be completed after the student has been hired into a position and must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before a student may start working. You may download, complete the forms and bring it with you at your orientation appointment date.

      Employment Forms

      *The employment forms are required for every FWS student before you are permitted to work. It is mandatory for students to complete the forms.

      You must bring the following when you submit your employment forms:

      • Valid Photo ID
      • Social Security Card
      • Student ID
      • Copy of the class schedule

      FWS Payroll Timesheet Calendar


      **Federal Work Study Timesheet Information**

      Federal Work-Study Timesheets Instructions
      Students are required to complete the time sheet to receive monetary compensation for the services they provide. Students must utilize the electronic time sheet to report their worked time hours. A time sheet should be an accurate listing of the actual time and dates worked. The supervisors will verify that the hours worked are accurate. This document is the student's record of hours worked for the pay per period. The supervisor will submit the student's bi-weekly hours to the financial aid office. Federal Work Study students cannot volunteer their time and must be paid for all hours worked.

      The following information should be checked on the timesheet for accuracy:

      • No hours of a payroll period other that the one reported
      • The 20 hour per week limitation
      • Correct mathematical calculations
      • Class schedule information completed
      • Timesheet signed by student and supervisor
      • All corrections on time sheet are initialed by student and supervisor in ink
      • A 30-minute lunch break is mandatory as the minimum break for all students who work more than six (6) consecutive hours.

      Student employees must submit their timesheets to the Financial Aid Office by the designated dates that are indicated on the Payroll Timesheet Calendar. Paychecks for timesheets that are submitted by the end of each respective pay period will be disbursed on those dates on the payment calendar. Timesheets received late will not be disbursed until the following pay period.
      The payroll calendar lists the pay periods and paydays during the current academic year.

      FWS Electronic Timesheet

      Federal Work Study Timesheets Electronic Form
      Federal Work Study Timesheets Printable Forms
      • The ELECTRONIC FORMS will require a valid
        email address for you.
      • A validation code will be sent to the email address
        you enter on the initial screen and must be obtained to
        continue completing and signing the online form.
      • In the SIGN tag, you are asked to Draw or Adopt
        your signature
      • Once you click finish, you will receive a confirmation email.
      • Please retain a copy of the “Your document has
        been completed” email for confirmation purposes,
        as it can serve as documentation of when you submitted the required form.
      • For the second signature (supervisor), review the message, click the REVIEW DOCUMENT to begin the signing process.
      • Download the forms by clicking the FWS Timesheet
      • Type your name, ID, and pay period
      • Type job title, department and class schedule
      • To edit/add hours in the table, double click on the table and enter the hours worked, and the template will calculate the total hours
      • To save the data in the table, click any field outside the table
      • Print and sign the form and submit the timesheet to your supervisor for review, accuracy, and signature (must have a wet signature)
      • Submit to the Financial Aid Office according to the Payroll timesheet calendar given to you at orientation
      • Tips: You can save the blank FWS Electronic Timesheet form on your computer and use it for the next pay period



      **Federal Work-Study Orientation**

      Federal Orientation

      FWS Responsibilities Video

      FWS payment Video

      HCCC Federal Work Study Counseling session is required to all newly hired FWS student employee. You will need to set aside approximately 20 minutes to successfully complete the session. Print the certificate and submit it to the financial aid office.

      Instructions to begin the Federal Work-Study Orientation Quiz
      1. Click on the:


      2. Create an account or Log in if you have previously created one.
      3. Click on the START button for the counseling session titled Hudson County Community College Federal Work-Study Orientation to begin.
      4. If you are returning to continue the session, log in, and then click on the RESUME button