Miriam P. Masias

Skills Simulation Lab Coordinator, Nursing

Miriam P. Masias
Building F, Room 107

Miriam Masias has been an educator for over 12 years and a Registered Nurse for 19 years. Presently, she is the Skills Simulation lab Lecturer in the nursing department. She has been attending conferences and workshops to improve implementation of clinical simulation to nursing student.

She is responsible for all activities that take place in the Skills Simulation lab. Nursing department has a state of the art Simulation lab that mimic a real hospital settings.

She initiated and implemented a multiple patient simulation to nursing leadership course and has been a success for two consecutive years. Multiple patient scenarios are designed to imitate real-life work situations in a controlled safe environment. Multiple patient’s simulation allow students to explore of multiple clinical issues as well as interdependent processes such as unit staffing, change in patient conditions, demands from other varying circumstances.

Mrs. Masias received her nursing degree in Philippines and her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Kean University. She serve as a member of International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) and recently became a member for Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).