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    • Earn While You Learn
      H O L Z T E C H N I K

      Super Bowl Sign by Eastern Millwork


      • Start your career immediately after graduating high school with a high-paying high-tech company based in Jersey City, NJ!

      • Receive paid on-the-job training AND earn an associate's degree at the Holz Technik Academy, a unique partnership between Hudson County Community College and Eastern Millwork, Inc.

      Students in the Academy receive:

      • A job with Eastern Millwork, Inc.
        • Starting salary of $24,500/year.
        • Incremental raises throughout the 5 year program.
        • $70,000/year salary guaranteed upon graduation.
        • 3 days per week apprentice training.
        • Full benefits including health insurance, with premiums 100% paid by Eastern Millwork.
      • Earn your college degree
        • Free tuition towards an associate's degree in advanced manufacturing from Hudson County Community College.
        • Take classes one day per week throughout the 5 year program.
      • Pathway towards a bachelor's degree, which could further increase your salary.

      For more information, contact:
      Hudson County Community College
      Phone: (201) 360 - 4244
      Holz Technik Academy is no longer accepting applications at this time. Please come back in the Fall to see when we will start accepting applications once again.

      To go to the Eastern Millwork Website, go