Hudson County Community College Foundation Scholarship Application



The Hudson County Community College Foundation has been operating since 1997. The Foundation works to develop income for needs-based and merit scholarships and to provide seed money for new and innovative student programs at HCCC.

New students entering HCCC or currently enrolled students with GPAs of 2.0 to 4.0 are eligible for scholarships. ESL and Academic Foundations students are eligible for scholarships.



The Hudson County Community College Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to qualified applicants. Students may receive one Foundation Scholarship in a given semester. Scholarships must be used in the academic year for which they are awarded. Students receiving scholarships must be enrolled in a degree-seeking matriculated program. Students may reapply for scholarships each spring.

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Students must file their financial aid form early (at least three months prior to registration) to ensure a timely response from both the federal and state agencies. HCCC cannot guarantee such a response to a student’s application after that time.

A student who is eligible to receive financial aid must mail or bring their Student Aid Report (SAR) to the Financial Aid Office so that their award(s) can be credited to their student account.

Students may apply online here or pick up an application at the Financial Aid Office located at 70 Sip Avenue on the second floor. Students should be advised that they will receive a faster response when applying online. HCCC’s code is 012954.

HCCC participates in other student scholarships, such as the Hudson County Government Scholarship Program. Check with your advisor for further information.



Information provided must be accurate to the best of your knowledge. Supplying false information will make an application null and void. Hudson County Community College may share any information on this scholarship application form with the donors of the scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, you agree to 1) provide a "thank you" letter to the donor; 2) complete a Personal Biography; and 3) attend the Donor-Scholar Reception Ceremony. If you fail to meet these obligations, you may forfeit your scholarship.

All applicants must submit a financial aid application for the purpose of determination of financial need. Regardless of your eligibility for financial aid, you cannot be considered for a scholarship unless your financial aid application process has been completed and is on record with the Financial Aid Office.

  • Scholarships are available for students who are enrolled in the current academic year.
  • Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States and reside in the Hudson County area.
  • Applicants may not receive more than one HCCC scholarship at a time.
  • Applicants may receive scholarships in subsequent years. Applicants may not receive a HCCC scholarship for more than three years.
  • A completed application includes a completed HCCC Scholarship Form and an essay written by the student.
  • ALL APPLICANTS must submit a Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) by May 1 for the upcoming academic year to the Financial Aid Office. Applicants must submit the form and supporting material whether or not they believe they are eligible for financial aid. This information is necessary for determining financial need.
  • Scholarships will be disbursed at the rate of 50% for the Fall and Spring semesters only. Scholarships will be awarded pending verification of status. Students not returning for the subsequent semester shall forfeit their award.
  • Scholarships which extend a student’s total budget as determined by the Director of Financial Aid will not be disbursed. Amounts that exceed the student’s budget will be forfeited.
  • Scholarships may not be applied toward outstanding balances from prior semesters.
  • Scholarships are for tuition and fee purposes only. Books are not included.
  • Award notification will be completed in late August.
  • Scholarships awarded to students will be publicized by the College and/or the HCCC Foundation.

Applications must be complete to be considered for the scholarships.

Incomplete application packets will not be processed, and applicants with incomplete packets will not be notified and asked to submit missing information. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure all required information and documents are submitted.

  1. Completed and signed Application
  2. Completed Essay
  3. Completed FAFSA


Contact Information

Hudson County Community College
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