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    • The ESL/Bilingual Program at Hudson County Community College

    • One of Hudson County’s greatest assets is its extraordinary ethnic diversity, and the College reflects that diversity — more than one-third of HCCC students were born outside of the United States and have reported nearly 105 different countries as their places of birth! Since English may not be the first language for many of our students, the College offers an extensive program of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. New students are placed in these courses according to the results of their scores on the Level of English Proficiency Test and a holistically scored writing sample.

      The ESL Program at Hudson County Community College provides five levels of instruction with courses in Writing, Grammar for Writing, Reading and Academic Discussion at each level.

      Computer and interactive language labs are important components of the HCCC ESL learning program, and students are encouraged to increase their learning by utilizing these labs outside of regular classroom hours.

      Bilingual instruction is available in selected college-level courses for students enrolled in the HCCC ESL/Bilingual Program who demonstrate readiness for such courses.

      To learn more about the HCCC ESL/Bilingual Program call (201) 360-4179.

    • Compare Non-Credit vs. Credit Programs






      Which program should I take?

      If you are interested in improving your
      English for job or life skills, the non-cr edit
      program meets your goals.

      If you want to earn a college degree, you should register for this program.

      What classes do I take?

      We offer

      • Regular ESL
      • Accelerated ESL
      • Conversational English
      • Mastering the American Accent
      • Writing Effectively
      • TOEFL

      We offer

      • Writing/Grammar for Writing (6 total credits)
      • Reading/Academic Discussion (6 total credits)

      When do classes start/end?

      We offer classes every term
      See brochure/catalog for more details.

      January 28- May 20

      What times do classes meet?

      Class times vary by level. We offer
      classes in the morning, evening
      and weekend in both campuses.

      Class times vary by level and location. We offer morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes
      Where do I begin the registration process?

      161 Newkirk Street, Jersey City, NJ 07306, Room 504 (fifth floor)

      Application: 70 Sip Ave.,  1st Floor

      Testing: 71 Sip Ave., [Lower Level]

      Counseling: 70 Sip Ave., 2nd Floor

      Payment: 70 Sip 1st Floor

      How much does it cost?

      $299 for regular ESL classes
      (10-week class) + $10 for placement test
      For more information, please contact Continuing Education at 201-360-4246/4224 or email

      See for tuition and fees







      Cuáles clases debo tomar?

      Si está interesado en mejorar su nivel de inglés ya sea por razones de trabajo o por habilidad personal, el Programa de
      Continuing Education de No-crédito reúne esos requisitos

      Si quiere obtener un título universitario y al mismo tiempo mejorar su Inglés, puede matricularse para este programa.

      ¿Que clases ofrecemos?


      • ESL Regular
      • ESL Acelerado
      • Inglés conversacional
      • Dominando el acento Americano
      • Escribiendo con eficacia
      • TOEFL


      • Escritura/Gramática para Escritura (total de 6 créditos)
      • Lectura/Discusión Académica (total de 6 créditos)

      ¿Cuándo ofrecemos las clases?

      Ofrecemos clases cada semestre
      Consulte el catalogo para mas detalles

      Enero 28 - Mayo 20

      Cuáles son los horarios de  clases?

      El horario de clases varía dependiendo del
      nivel. Ofrecemos clases en la mañana,
      noche y fin de semana en los dos

      Los horarios de clases varían de acuerdo al nivel y localización. Ofrecemos horarios en la mañana, tarde, noche, y fines de semana.

      Dónde me puedo matricular?

      161 Newkirk Street, Jersey City, NJ 07306
      Oficina 504 (Quinto piso)

      Aplicación: 70 Sip Ave., 1er  Piso

      Examen: 71 Sip Ave., Nivel Bajo

      Matricula: 70 Sip Ave., 2do Piso

      Pago: 70 Sip Ave., 1er Piso

      Cuál es el costo?

      $299 por cada curso de ESL regular (10 semanas) + $10 por la prueba de nivel.
      Para obtener más información, por favor llame al (201) 360-4246/4224 o envíe un correo electrónico a

      Refiérase a para la cuota escolar.

    • Contact Information


      119 Newkirk Street (Building I), Room 106.

      Jersey City, NJ 07306

      (201) 360-4380