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OSHE Restart Plan (December 22, 2020)

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    • Financial Literacy

      Personal finances is more than just saving money and buying items on sale. It also involves short-term and long-term planning, making educated decisions on purchases, and using resources available to you to help improve your financial situation.

      Being able to make informed and responsible decisions about your personal finances is important both now and down the road. Financial Literacy helps you make the best financial choices for life changing events like higher education, home ownership, retirement, and life’s unplanned events.

      Our financial literacy program provides you a series of short easy-to-understand videos that you can access any time! Click below to learn more on financial literacy and then use what you learn daily to improve your financial health.

    • Money Management Counseling

      HCCC money management counseling session is highly recommended for ALL student loan borrowers. You will need to set aside approximately 20 minutes to successfully complete the session. You do not have to complete the course in one sitting. You can save your work and resume later!

      HCCC Money Management

      Instructions to begin the Money Management Counseling Session:

      1. Click on the Money Management image above.
      2. Create an FATV account or Log in if you have previously created one.
      3. In the Dashboard section, select “Sessions”
      4. Select a Money Management Session:
           a. Applying for Financial Aid
           b. Credit Cards
           c. Credit Scoring
           d. Education Tax Benefits
           e. Important Financial Terms
           f. Money Basics
           g. Saving Money
      5. If you are returning to continue the session, log in and then click on the RESUME button.