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    • The Honors Program at Hudson County Community College

    • Mission:

      The Honors Program at HCCC promotes excellence in students who are academically gifted, intellectually curious, and highly motivated. We offer small, interdisciplinary courses that focus on problem-based learning, support creative thinking, and encourage students to be active learners. Success in the program is not only measured by academic performance, but also the demonstrated ability to actively participate and engage with the community both inside and outside of the college classroom.

      Every semester, Honors students develop strong research and creativity skills with the completion of the Honors Poster Project. With personalized support and guidance from the program and faculty, we focus on helping you turn challenges into the stepping stones of your own path to success.

      Please visit the Why Honors? link to learn more about the benefits of being an Honors student, or stop by the program office in the Gabert Library, lower level, room L010


      Challenge – We believe challenges present opportunities for untapped talents to emerge
      Effort– With great effort comes great success
      Inclusivity – We promote a diverse group of students committed to learning
      Engagement – Active engagement within the college and with the community allows knowledge to be put into action for the common good

      Program Requirements

      • Maintain an overall 3.5 GPA.
      • Completion of the end-of-semester Honors Poster Project for each enrolled Honors class.
      • Attendance at the Honors Poster Showcase
      • Active involvement in the Honors community events that take place every semester.



      • Incoming freshman who have either a 3.5 GPA or an 1100 composite SAT score are encouraged to apply.
      • Continuing students who have completed ENG 101 with a B or better and have a 3.5 overall GPA may self-register.
      • Provisional Admission—students who are close to meeting the criteria and have records of significant and meaningful academic achievement, community service, or leadership positions will be considered.

      Prospective incoming freshmen should print and fill out the Honors Program application and mail it in along with the following:

      • Personal statement of interest
      • Recommendation letter from a teacher, counselor, or employer (optional)
      • Transcript records, SAT scores, or HCCC placement test scores (unofficial documents accepted pending acceptance into the program)

      Mail to:

      HCCC Honors Program
      71 Sip Ave., L010
      Jersey City, NJ 07306

      Contact Info
      ​Contact the coordinator to learn more about the HCCC Honors Program

    • Contact Information
      Pamela Bandyopadhyay
      Associate Dean

      Kyle J Woolley
      Interim Honors Program Coordinator

      Hope Guirantes
      Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs