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    • Requirements for Degree Completion at HCCC

      General Education Requirements

      What is General Education?

      General Education requirements form the core curriculum of all degree programs in higher education. The General Education program at Hudson County Community College provides broad-based academic competencies to ensure the personal growth and development of each student. The General Education curriculum consists of a range of courses selected from communications, humanities, mathematics, technology, and the physical and social sciences.

      Why is it important to you?

      The HCCC General Education program provides each student with the foundational skills, knowledge, and attributes on which a lifelong education depends. General Education enables students to grow intellectually, think critically, and function in the workforce and in the social and political structures of the evolving community.

      The qualifications employers look for in new college graduates* are the skills prescribed in General Education Requirements. Among these are the abilities to: work collaboratively in diverse teams; write and speak at a professional level; analyze complex problems and develop workable solutions; and apply mathematics and statistics in real-world settings.

      *See, for example: "How Should Colleges Prepare Students to Succeed in Today’s Global Economy?" (Results of a national poll by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, 2007).

      How do I fulfill the GE Requirements at HCCC?

      1. Based on the choice of your degree program (AA, AS, AFA, or AAS), you must complete the number of GE credits as required by the program; see table.

      Degree/Certificate Choices

      Degree Description

      Req. GE Credits

      AA – Associate in Arts

      A degree prepares students for transfer to a senior institution in liberal arts, humanities and/or social sciences.


      AS – Associate in Science

      A degree prepares students for transfer to a senior institution or training for entry-level careers in mathematics, biological or physical sciences.


      AFA – Associate in Fine Arts

      A degree prepares students for transfer to a senior institution or training for entry-level careers in the fine arts.


      AAS – Associate in Applied Science

      A degree prepares students for immediate employment or training for entry-level careers.


      Certificate Programs

      A short-term training for immediate employment.


      2.  You must complete the following core courses during your first 36 college-level credits at the College.

      CSS 100 College Student Success 1 credit
      ENG 101 College Composition I 3 credits
      ENG 102 College Composition II 3 credits
      ENG *** Speech/Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
      CSC 100 Intro to Computers and Computing 3 credits
      MAT *** Math Elective 3/4 credits

      3.  In addition to the core courses, you must select other GE courses from a list of approved electives (HCCC General Education Approved List) to meet the required GE credits of your chosen degree program.

      The General Education program at HCCC is consistent with the New Jersey Council of County Colleges’ (NJCCC) General Education Policy and Guiding Principles.  All HCCC GE requirements taken in accordance with an AA or AS will be accepted for transfer in fulfilment of up to half of the credits (generally 60) required for a basic four-year bachelor’s degree at any New Jersey public institution. HCCC graduates with an AA or AS will also be considered to have completed all lower division General Education requirements.