Janet Chavez

Executive Administrative Assistant

Janet Chavez
Building A, Room 406
Journal Square Campus
Personal Pronouns
Language(s) Spoken
English, Spanish
Ecuador, United States
B.S., Accounting and Finance, New Jersey City University
Being a cheer and gymnastics mom is like being the human equivalent of a human pyramid. I'm always on top of things, balancing schedules, flipping through family activities, and trying not to topple over in the process!
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Janet plays a pivotal role in streamlining communication channels, ensuring seamless coordination between the President's office and various departments. She spearheads key administrative projects, such as organizing high-profile events and conferences, successfully enhancing the college's reputation, and fostering valuable partnerships. Furthermore, she develops and maintains strong relationships with stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and external organizations, contributing to a positive and collaborative campus culture. Overall, her commitment to excellence and strategic support plays an instrumental role in advancing the College President's goals and promoting the institution's mission and vision.

Growing up, Janet was instilled with a strong foundation of manners and morals that were nurtured within her home. These values have shaped her professional journey as an Executive Administrative Assistant. As a first-generation college student, Janet had the opportunity to intern in the Procurement Services Department at New Jersey City University while pursuing her bachelor's degree. This experience gave her practical insights into procurement processes and the importance of efficient resource management. Janet then ventured into the credit union sector, where she spent a year utilizing her financial expertise and attention to detail. However, her passion for higher education led her to join the Hudson County Community College family in 2012 as an office assistant in the Office of Student Affairs. Following a short hiatus to focus on raising her child, she briefly pivoted her career towards accounting, gaining valuable experience working for financial institutions and other companies. In 2021, with a deep-rooted connection to Jersey City and an unwavering commitment to education, Janet eagerly returned to Hudson County Community College to join the President's Office as an Executive Administrative Assistant. This homecoming presents a unique opportunity to blend her administrative skills, financial acumen, and passion for higher education, ensuring the success and growth of the institution.