Student Success

HCCC is Here for You!

At HCCC, we are committed to your success! From the time you first apply to the College, throughout your educational journey, and as a graduate, HCCC is here for you! On this page, you will find links to our many student support resources.

If you need tutoring, help with a paper, access to the Library, or other services to support in-class learning, "click here."

If you are a student with a learning, physical, and/or psychological disability, our office is here to support you.

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If you need help choosing the right classes or identifying transfer opportunities after graduation, "click here."

If you are interested in career exploration and gaining self-awareness, knowledge, and skills that are essential for your development and future employment, "click here."

The EOF program provides students with additional academic and financial support to assist in your educational journey.

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Welcome new students! We want to make sure your first-year at HCCC sets you up for success.

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Through a generous investment from JP Morgan Chase, HCCC developed programs to address the challenges of the economic crisis in Hudson County that were brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The HHRC either has the support you need or can help you find it at the College or in the community. The HHRC includes a Career Closet, emergency funding, access to social services such as SNAP benefits, SingleStop, and other community partners.

To find out what resources are available “click here.

We are proud that HCCC has been designated as a “stigma-free” campus.

To learn more about how we support your mental health, "click here."

This free app is a one-stop resource hub to help students stay on track with their college education.

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All new students are required to attend New Student Orientation, which is a
fun and informative way to learn more about how to be successful as a new student.

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HCCC is committed to supporting you as a whole person, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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If anyone tells you there is no “student life” at a community college, they have never been to HCCC! There are so many ways to get involved and we have something for everyone!

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Not sure what you need? This page has a variety of resources, including the Student Handbook and Academic Catalog.

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The Transfer Pathways department provides information and opportunities with four-year partner institutions to assist students in transferring their Associate Degrees to the four-year college of their choice.

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