Hiram Miranda

Coordinator, Technology and Finance

Hiram Miranda
Culinary Conference Center, Room 506
Journal Square Campus
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Language(s) Spoken
Puerto Rico, United States
B.A., Psychology, New Jersey City University
A.A., Education, Middlesex County College
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Hiram plays a vital role in Continuing Education and Workforce Development, helping au pairs from a variety of countries register for CEUs as they explore new opportunities in the United States. By offering non-credit courses, he empowers and enriches the au pairs' experiences, enabling them to learn valuable skills during their stay. Through his assistance, these individuals can gain essential knowledge to augment their personal and professional growth. Hiram's dedication enhances the educational journey of au pairs while they embrace new horizons in the U.S.

Hiram, a first-generation college student, began his professional journey in the culinary world. However, as he progressed in his culinary career, he realized that his true passion lay in education. Driven by this newfound purpose, he made a bold decision to return to community college to forge a new path. After successfully graduating from Middlesex Community College, he took a significant step forward by enrolling in New Jersey City University to pursue a degree in Psychology. Currently, he is dedicated to achieving his goal of obtaining a Masters in School Counseling, furthering his commitment to helping others navigate their educational and personal journeys. Hiram plays a crucial role in Continuing Education and Workforce Development, assisting au pairs from all corners of the globe in registering for CEUs, enabling them to explore new opportunities in the United States. He was also involved in coordinating the Gateway to Innovation Finance and Technology program, which achieved significant recognition. This program earned the prestigious distinction of being a top 10 finalist for the 2023 Bellwether Award for Workforce Development, showcasing its excellence and impact. Additionally, Hiram's efforts and dedication, along with the collaborative spirit of the team, were recognized with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity 2023 Teamwork Award. His commitment to empowering others through education and skill development is paramount.