Dr. Raffaella Pernice

Professor, Biology | Coordinator, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering Science, and Environmental Studies

Dr. Raffaella Pernice
STEM, Room 604
Journal Square Campus

Ph.D., M.D., University of Milan Medical School, Italy

Classes: Anatomy and Physiology; Microbiology.

Dr. Pernice moved to the United States from Italy in 1995, and began teaching at HCCC in 2001. She has reviewed several anatomy and physiology textbooks, developed the Biology Option as well as several other courses taught in the School of STEM at the College. Her teaching interests include Nutrition and General Biology. As an educator, Dr. Pernice strives to find new ways to engage students. Her latest interest is in alternative medicine, and she uses the information she acquires in teaching her classes. 

Dr. Pernice is a member of the National Federation of Italian American Societies (NFIAS), Theobald Smith Society - New Jersey Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, Society of Allied Health Profession of New Jersey, Metropolitan Association of Colleges and Universities Biologists, and National Education Association.