Catherine Sweeting

Associate Professor

Catherine Sweeting
Building J, Room 105
Journal Square Campus

M.A., Queens College
B.A., California State University, Northridge

Classes: College Composition I; Composition II; World Literature; British Literature; Speech; and Religions of the West.

Professor Sweeting began teaching at HCCC in 2006, and was the first chair of the All College Council. She developed the English major, and created several face-to-face and online classes. Professor Sweeting has led several workshops for faculty on backward design and online teaching strategies. She is a 2021-2022 Fulbright Scholar to India; earned a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to study Slavery in the American Republic; and was awarded the 2019 Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition by the AACC. She has coauthored a book, The Power of a City at Prayer, published by InterVarsity Press, written an essay on “How to Raise an Anti-Racist,” published in The Daily Ovation, and a short story, “Edna,” published in Adelaide Literary Magazine.

Professor Sweeting has presented at national and regional conferences on Engaging Students in World Literature, online teaching strategies, and using experts to aid in teaching. She copresented at a two-day seminar for over 3,000 Indian faculty on “Engaging Students in an Online Environment: Global Perspectives.”