Computer Life Cycles Procedure



This procedure aims to ensure access to the current computing technology required to promote student success and fulfill employee job responsibilities. This procedure provides the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) scheduled replacement of computers for employee, classroom, and lab use. 


The purpose of this procedure is to set the parameters and process for personal computer replacements. This procedure excludes unique purpose workstations and terminals for use with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 


This procedure covers personal computers used by full-time faculty, full-time staff, labs, and classrooms. Computers purchased under grants or for a dedicated use must be handled separately by the parameters of their grants and purpose. This policy does not apply to peripheral equipment, office phones, cell phones, printers, scanners, Audio/Visual equipment, servers, or other IT-related equipment. That equipment is replaced by ITS according to need, condition, and budgetary resources based on their analysis, judgment, and support contracts. 

Hardware Platforms 

Each year, the College will determine standard specifications for desktop and laptop computers based on job function to contain costs, maintenance, and support efficiencies. ITS has developed the equipment standards, reviewed by the All College Council Technology Committee, and approved by the Chief Information Officer and the Vice President for Finance and Business/Chief Financial Officer. Since ITS supports one device per employee, users will be assigned a laptop and docking station rather than a desktop computer. Desktop computers will be given in areas where their use will be shared, such as reception areas, classrooms, labs, and adjunct or workstudy work areas.


    1. Personal computers will be maintained and supported by ITS through their designated period of service. The current period of service for HCCC personal computers is five years.
    2. Each year, ITS will replace a portion of personal computers on the inventory list. ITS will deploy faculty and staff personal computers over the summer and fall. ITS will also refresh part of the classroom, lab, and open-access computers each year. Estimated replacement budgets will be presented at annual budget hearings. ITS recognizes that some faculty, staff, and students have different computing needs. Academic labs with specialized computers will be built into the replacement budget when possible. Faculty and staff who require a non-standard machine that exceeds a standard personal computer's cost will be required to obtain Office/School approval. Their Office/School will fund the price difference.
    3. Faculty and staff who want to borrow a laptop will complete a request form requiring the manager's approval. Upon manager approval, ITS will provision a laptop.
    4. ITS will work with the computer's user to migrate employee data to the replacement computer. ITS will remove the older personal computer. ITS will hold the old computer's hard drive for two weeks to 90 days to ensure that no data was lost during the deployment.

      1. Retirees may be given the option to purchase their old computer for a fair market value determined by ITS. These purchases are "as is," and ITS will remove all HCCC software and data before the transfer of ownership. Employees will write a check to Hudson County Community College, which will be deposited in the College’s account.
    5. In some cases, computers may be reused or redeployed to other locations on campus at ITS's discretion.
    6. When personal computers need to be moved, the Office/School must contact ITS. ITS is responsible for an accurate inventory. Users should not relocate personal computers themselves. Computers should not be reassigned or redistributed without notifying ITS and obtaining approval.
    7. When an employee with a personal computer exits the College, ITS will be notified by the Office/School and Human Resources. In most cases, this computer will be redistributed to the next employee hired in that position.
    8. If a personal computer breaks and cannot be repaired, ITS will replace the computer with a new machine. That computer then becomes the personal machine for that employee. 

Approved by Cabinet: April 2023
Related Board Policy: Information Technology Services

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