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Masks are no longer required inside of HCCC buildings. Students, faculty, and staff who wish to wear masks may continue to do so and masks are available at all security desks. 

HCCC no longer requires COVID-19 vaccinations for employees and students but strongly encourages vaccinations and boosters for all who are eligible.  

Read the full announcement from the Return to Campus Task Force

HCCC Courses: On-Ground, Online, and Remote.

Students have the flexibility to take classes in the mode that is the right fit for them.

More information about the specific classes can be found here.

For general concerns about COVID-19 or to borrow a computer or hotspot for remote/online learning, please submit the form below. Please be clear with your concern or request.

Submit a Coronavirus Concern Form

To report a positive case of COVID-19 for yourself or others, please submit the form below.

COVID-19 Positive Cases Form

Out of the Box Podcast - Return to Campus

September 2020
HCCC President Dr. Chris Reber discusses the College's Return to Campus with Lisa Dougherty, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment, and Lori Margolin, Dean of Continuing Education & Workforce Development.

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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccination

Please refer to the CDC for the most up to date information about the COVID-19 vaccine. The health and safety group of the Return to Campus Task Force has been meeting with groups throughout the campus community to discuss the vaccine and common myths and questions. You can view the slides from their most recent presentation and a recording of one of their previous sessions here: COVID-19 Vaccine - Fact and Fiction

Vaccinations are also readily available and free at local pharmacies such as CVS  and Walgreens. If you have questions, please email returnFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE.

Please follow CDC Guidance if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Please follow CDC Guidance if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Please refer to your physician to determine your vaccination status or if any further action is required. The WHO has provided a list of approved vaccines on the WHOCOVID19 Vaccine Tracker (, which is what HCCC will accept.

Covid-19 Positive Test, Exposure, and Travel Protocol

Students, faculty, and staff who test positive for COVID-19 should fill out the COVID-19 Positive Cases Form, which will be routed to the appropriate person who will follow up with you, confer with the Health and Safety group, and contact other affected community members as needed. 

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) launched a new Traveler’s Health website, available here. This website contains new travel alerts along with guidance for domestic and international travel. Currently, the website emphasizes COVID-19 and travel safety. NJDOH aims to expand the website with information beyond COVID-19 in the near future.  

Hudson Online Courses

Hudson Online courses and programs are created for fully online teaching and learning. This means most work is completed on students’ own time schedule as long as the work is submitted on time.

Hudson Online sections will have a location of “Online” and have an “ON” in their course code. For example: CSS 100-ONR01. To find online courses, on the course schedule, you will search by location and choose “online.”

Students who need flexibility in when they do course work and cannot attend class at specific times benefit from enrolling in Hudson Online courses. Students who are successful in Hudson Online courses have regular and reliable access to a computer and internet, are able to direct their own learning and are disciplined about completing readings and assignments by the due date.

In Hudson Online courses, instructors use Canvas and embedded tools extensively. They usually do not make extensive use of synchronous video conferencing. Details for each course section will be provided by the instructor.

Please note: Students’ attendance for Hudson Online courses is taken each week and requires that students post content or submit an assignment to the course. These assignments may include: graded discussion posts, submission of assignments, or quizzes. Merely logging in is not sufficient for successful attendance in a Hudson Online course. Attendance is required for Financial Aid purposes.

For online and hybrid courses, students are automatically enrolled in the Hudson Online Orientation for Students. Students who are enrolling in a Hudson Online class for the first time and/or students who are unfamiliar with online learning through Canvas are strongly encouraged to complete the Orientation module. The Orientation module is available on the Canvas Dashboard. Hudson Online also offers free online tutoring and 24/7 Canvas support.

Other types of support are available and can be accessed through the COL’s webpage.

On Ground Courses

On-ground courses are offered at one of HCCC’s campuses: Journal Square, North Hudson, or Secaucus. On-ground courses could be combined with other modalities. For example, a lab could occur on-ground with the lecture occurring either through remote or online instruction.

On-ground sections will have a campus location. To find on-ground courses, search by the campus location you wish to attend.

Students who prefer to take classes on campus, face-to-face with their instructor, benefit from on-ground courses. Students who prefer to conduct hands-on lab activities in person also benefit from on ground classes. On ground classes may be combined with an online or remote learning component.

Students in on ground courses this fall can expect a similar experience to pre-pandemic on-ground classes. Some class sizes may be smaller and instructors may offer online or remote learning options in addition to in-person classes through Canvas or other platforms.

For on ground classes with online or remote components, in addition supports provided on campus, Hudson Online provides supports which can be accessed at

Remote Courses

Remote courses are similar to the experience of being in a face-to-face on-ground class. This means that students will be attending class remotely, or virtually, at the time the class is scheduled.

To find remote courses, on the course schedule, you will search by location and choose “remote.” There may be additional information about the course section format in “section details.”

Students who are successful in a remote class enjoy the experience of learning alongside a group of their peers and interacting with their instructor on a weekly basis. These students are also able to set aside the block of time for which they were scheduled to be in class in order to be online participating via video conference (i.e., WebEx) and/or on Canvas.

In remote classes, instructors may use Canvas conferences for WebEx for holding live classes. All remote classes have a Canvas site; however, the extent to which Canvas is used depends on the instructor. Details for each course section will be provided by the instructor.

Students who are unfamiliar with Canvas, the College’s online learning system, should enroll in Classroom Students’ Guide to Canvas Online. Please use this free course to prepare for studying remotely. The courses provide tips, best practices for online success and introduces Canvas and related tools.

Additional Information and Resources

For more information about online, remote, and hybrid learning, students are encouraged to access the Return to Campus Web PageOnline Learning Web Page, the Student Orientation course, or the Center for Online Learning Portal Page.

For remote student support services, including links to register, please visit our Remote Services page.

Additional Assistance