Learning Communities

Learning Communities Promote Lifelong Learning in a Caring Environment.

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A Learning Community is a pair of two or more courses, often with the same theme. In a Learning Community, two or three professors coordinate class work, assignments, and field trips to assist the linked group of students discover and explore connections between distinct and seemingly unrelated fields of study.

Learning Community classes are smaller, more informal, and more interactive, so that the students and faculty get to know one another better by sharing ideas, considering one another’s viewpoints, and helping one another learn.  Learning Community faculty meet frequently to discuss their students’ progress, and academic coaches are assigned to work with the students under faculty members’ supervision.

Learning Communities Take YOU Higher

Learning Communities Can Help You:

  • make connections among courses;
  • achieve academic success;
  • build relationships with your classmates;
  • broaden your learning experience;
  • work closely with faculty;
  • receive support from academic coaches inside and outside of the classroom;
  • enhance your presentation skills;
  • stay in school and graduate.

Learning Communities:

  • organize students and faculty into smaller groups;
  • encourage integration of curriculum;
  • provide a setting for community-based delivery of academic support programs;
  • provide a setting for students to be socialized to the expectations of college.

Examples of Learning Communities:

  • Accounting and Management.
  • Basic English and Basic Math.
  • Basic English and Basic Algebra.
  • Basic English ALP, College Composition I, and College Algebra.
  • Basic English and Speech.
  • College Composition I and Introduction to Psychology.
  • College Composition 2 and Cultures and Values.
  • Chemistry and College Algebra.
  • ESL Reading IV and Introduction to Psychology.
  • Introduction to Computer and Speech.

What do students say about their Learning Community experience?

Learning Communities Students
It was so much easier to make friends. We were meeting everyone three times a week.


Student Feedback

Learning Communities Students 2
Learning Communities give each of us a small sense of belonging in an unfamiliar place. Given the opportunity, most of us would want to continue in environments such as these.

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