Navigate360 for Staff


What can Navigate360 do for you?

  • Link for Staff Navigate360
  • Track Student Success – Access comprehensive student data in one place, enabling collaboration and informed strategies to support their academic success and potential, while easily monitoring their performance.
  • Streamline communication – communicate easily with students or groups of students via text messaging and email through the app.
  • Set up appointment windows – list availability for students to create appointments or drop-in office hours.
  • Streamline the Referral Process – Easily provide students with referrals to other HCCC resources via alerts. 
  • Receive alerts and cases for students of concern – View alerts and cases for students who were referred to you by other HCCC Staff and Faculty.
  • Access Student Profile – Have access to student’s profile and necessary information.

Have questions?

Contact the HCCC Navigate360 Help Desk.