Flexible Work Arrangements Policy



The purpose of this Policy on Flexible Work Arrangements is to ensure that Hudson County Community College (“College”) permits flexibility in the workplace, allows employees to balance personal and professional responsibilities, and manages emergencies that the College may face from time to time.


The College and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) are committed to supporting the effective balance of personal and professional responsibilities of faculty, staff and administration. Further, the Board recognizes that special circumstances may require emergency management and remote operations to maintain business continuity. At the direction of the President, the College may provide employees opportunities for flexible work arrangements, to include tele-commuting and flex time in a safe, professional and productive working environment as may be appropriate or required by law.

The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to develop procedures and processes for the implementation of this policy that include equitable and inclusive eligibility requirements and guidelines. The College will facilitate opportunities for the professional development of its workforce for this purpose. The Office of Human Resources will ensure compliance with this policy.

Approved by: Board of Trustees
Approval Date: June 9, 2020
Category: Human Resources
Responsible Department: Human Resources 



Flexible Work Arrangements Procedure

1. Overview

The purpose of this Procedure on Flexible Work Arrangements is to ensure the implementation of the Policy on Flexible Work Arrangements at Hudson County Community College (“College”), permitting flexibility in the workplace, allowing employees, full- and part-time, to balance personal and professional responsibilities, and managing emergencies that the College may face from time to time. The College in its discretion may provide employees opportunities for flexible work arrangements, to include tele-commuting and flex time in a safe, professional, and productive working environment as may be appropriate, or as required by law.

Supervising Cabinet members or Supervisors with Supervising Cabinet Member’s review and approval may implement an alternate work schedule for their unit that meets business and employee needs, and supports the mission, vision and values of the College. Flexible work arrangements for the unit may include remote work, compressed week schedule, alternate schedule, hybrid schedule, or flex time. The Supervisor may establish guidelines and best practices for the unit to support an alternate or hybrid work schedule. The schedule may be assessed from time to time to ensure the continued support of the mission, vision, and values of the College.

2. Requests

Employees may request a flexible work arrangement, such as remote work, where possible, an alternate schedule, a compressed work week, hybrid schedule or flex time. Circumstances that occur that are not reasonably foreseeable and cannot be scheduled in advanced are set forth in the process outlined in Section 3 below. When possible, however, such requests should be scheduled in accordance with the process outlined in Section 4. See chart in Appendix A. The employee or supervisor may consult with the Office of Human Resources about the nature, duration, and arrangements being sought. Granted flexible arrangement requests will be reassessed periodically, no later than six (6) months after the implementation of the agreed-upon arrangement. Decisions as to flexible work arrangement requests, and granted requests, remain at the ultimate discretion of the College and may be terminated at any time with, when possible, reasonable notice to the employee, and in accordance with applicable laws.

Appendix A
Appendix A

3. Unscheduled 

An employee may request alternative work arrangements by contacting their supervisor with as much notice as possible.  If approved by the supervisor, supporting documentation may be requested from the employee. Unscheduled work arrangements are temporary and conclude as soon as circumstances allow a return to regular work arrangements.

4. Scheduled

To the extent that circumstances are reasonably foreseeable, an employee may independently request flexible work arrangements by contacting their supervisor and outlining the requested terms of alternative work arrangements. Upon agreement between employee and supervisor, a completed Employee Flexible Work Arrangements Request Form, and any supporting documentation, should be submitted to the Supervising Cabinet member. Employees will be notified of the decision by the Supervising Cabinet member or by the Supervisor directly.

5. Remote Work Arrangements

5.1 In the event of a granted request for flexible work arrangements that includes remote work, the employee is expected to take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of proprietary College, employee, or student information. Measures of safety may include the use of locked file cabinets and desks, regular password maintenance, and any other measures appropriate for the position, its duties, and responsibilities, or as recommended by Information Technology Services (ITS).

5.2 Any equipment supplied by the College for remote work remains the College’s property and will be maintained by the College. Equipment supplied by the College is to be used for business purposes only. Employees may not install any software or hardware that will prevent ITS from maintaining or monitoring the equipment. The College accepts no responsibility for damage or repairs to employee-owned equipment. In the event of separation from employment, all College property must be returned to the College, unless other arrangements have been made.

5.3 The employee shall establish an appropriate work environment within his or her home for work purposes. The College will not be responsible for any costs associated with non-College owned property in remote work environments, including but not limited to the setup of the employee’s home office, remodeling, furniture, lighting, repairs or any modifications to the home office space. The employee will agree to have a sustainable internet and phone connection. The College will not provide or reimburse any costs related to internet/phone use.

5.4 The employee shall maintain their remote workspace in a safe manner, free from safety hazards. Injuries sustained by the employee in a home office location and in conjunction with his or her regular work duties are covered by the College’s workers’ compensation policy, as may be appropriate. The employee will be responsible for notifying the College of any such injuries as soon as practicable. The Employee will be liable for any injuries sustained by visitors to his or her home worksite.

5.5 An employee who is not exempt from overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and all applicable State and federal laws and regulations, shall be required to accurately record all hours worked. Hours worked more than those scheduled per day and per workweek require the advance approval of the Supervisor. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the immediate termination of the arrangement.

5.6 Requests for flexible work arrangements that include remote work may not be granted for all positions or employees. Such requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The supervisor may examine whether the employee’s primary job functions can be effectively performed remotely. The supervisor may consult with the Office of Human Resources for this purpose.

5.7 Those granted a remote work arrangement shall be subject to the same expectations, responsibilities, and performance standards for their position that were in place prior to the remote arrangement. Supervisors and employees should clearly communicate expectations for work assignments, engage in regular meetings, and set forth any other parameters relevant to supporting a remote arrangement. 

5.8 The employee shall be available during scheduled work hours and be responsive to coworkers and supervisor while working remotely. The employee further agrees to actively attend to position responsibilities throughout the scheduled work hours and agrees to be reachable by email, video conference, or emergency contact telephone number provided by the employee for use during this time.

6. Assessment

The Vice President for Human Resources or designee will review the implementation of the procedure on a regular basis to ensure that this procedure is conducted in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner consistent with the College’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Approved by: Cabinet
Approval Date: January 2022; November 2023
Scheduled for Review: November 2025
Category: Human Resources
Responsible Department: Human Resources

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