Policy on Library Archives



The purpose of the Hudson County Community College (“College”) Policy on Library Archives (“Archives”) is to preserve the history of the College through its official records.        


The College and its Board of Trustees (“Board”) recognize the importance of maintaining the Archives as a repository of relevant records that are of administrative and historical value to the College, its administration, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and community members.  Archives staff collect the official records of the College.  The Archives and archivist are charged with appraising, collecting, organizing, describing, and preserving original source material and making said materials available for institutional, academic, and community research.  The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to develop procedures and guidelines for the implementation of this policy.   

Approved: January 2022 
Approved by: Board of Trustees 
Category: Library 
Subcategory: Library Archives 
Scheduled for Review: January 2025 
Responsible Department: Library  

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