Special Circumstances For Withdrawal


The College publishes all add/drop, withdrawal deadlines, and payment deadlines in the Enrollment Guide and on the Student Refund and Academic Calendar. When they register for classes, students are responsible for adhering to these dates and deadlines and understanding their financial obligations.

HCCC understands that students may face circumstances beyond their control after deadlines have passed. For this reason, the College offers students the ability to request a withdrawal after the deadline or a grade change (“F” to “W”), for a limited number of reasons with supporting documentation:

  • Medical Emergency (self or family member)
  • Death (family member)
  • Military Orders
  • Personal Matters (including mental health, legal, or childcare)
  • Documented Class Issues

General financial hardship, without an unforeseen circumstance, is not a valid reason for submitting an SCW and these submissions may not be considered.

Only requests with acceptable documentation will be considered for up to one year after the circumstance. A separate form is required for each semester requested

All decisions are final.

You may submit your request electronically by filling out the Special Circumstances Withdrawal (SCW) Request.

Questions about the SCW process can be emailed to studentaffairsFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE.