Medical Science - Pre-Professional AS (Pre-Nursing Option)


Program Overview:

The Associate in Science in Medical Sciences is a Pre-Professional degree that is designed as a pathway to further study in a variety of health care and/or pre-medical specialized fields such as pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant, pre-pharmacy and pre-nursing. The general education courses equip students with a multidisciplinary understanding of health and health care in today’s world. The degree program’s core is composed of science courses that are the common prerequisites for admission into a variety of health/premedical programs.

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Application to Nursing:

Admission to the Nursing program is competitive and requires a separate application, admission test and procedure.
Information booklet: Click here
These four courses must be taken prior to the first nursing course:

  • CSS 100 - College Student Success
  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
  • MAT 100 - College Algebra (or MAT 114 Statistics & Probability)
  • CHP 100 - Introduction to Chemistry (or High School Chemistry within 5 years)

Nursing application link:

Students whose goal is to enter HCCC Nursing Program, should follow the curriculum outline until they are accepted into the program.

For further information, please contact the following:
Hudson County Community College
School of Nursing and Health Professions
(201) 360 - 4338

Suzette Samson, Recruitment Specialist
(201) 360 - 4767

Lisa Cieckiewicz McCall, Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment
(201) 360 - 4765

Medial Students



CSS 100 – College Student Success   1
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CHP 100 – Intro to Chemistry (OR High School Chemistry within 5 years) 3
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Required for HCCC Nursing Program Credit
ENG 101 – College Composition I 3
ENG 102 – College Composition II 3
CSC 100 – Computers & Computing 3
MAT 100 – College Algebra  or MAT 114 – Probability & Statistics 3
BIO 111 – Anatomy & Physiology I  4
BIO 211 – Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 250 – Microbiology 4
ENG 112 – Speech 3
PSY 101 – Intro to Psychology 3
PSY 260 – Lifespan Development     3
HUM 101 – Cultures and Values or ANT 101, HUM 128, SOC 260 3
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Required Major Courses:


(Only taken if not accepted into HCCC Nursing Program and will pursue to complete the Medical Sciences, Pre-Professional A.S. degree.)  
BIO 115 – Principles of Biology I 4
BIO 116 – Principles of Biology II 4
HLT 210 – Medical Law & Ethics 3

Electives – MAJOR ELECTIVE (choice of 2 -3)  MDA 106, MAT 124, HLT 110

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CHP 100 or high school chemistry within the last 5 years. This is a program ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENT.
MDA 106, HLT 112, MAT 124, HLT 110 (choice of 2) If taken high school chemistry, choose 3 electives.





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Contact Information

School of Nursing and Health Professions
870 Bergen Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
(201) 360-4338

Lisa Cieckiewicz-McCall
Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment, Nursing
(201) 360-4765 

Suzette Samson
Recruitment Specialist, Nursing
(201) 360-4767