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Earn While You Learn. Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential (U.S. Department of Labor). Whether you are an employee eager to move up the career ladder or an employer building and developing a stable talent pipeline, make us your first stop. Learn about our programs below.

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We are thrilled to be partners with Eastern Millwork, Inc. to provide “earn while you learn” opportunities for students wishing to pursue a career in Advanced Manufacturing.

CareerAdvance USA – Apprenticeships in Advanced Manufacturing

CareerAdvance USA is a comprehensive, advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills relevant for entry-level employment in the manufacturing industry. The program uses an “earn-and-learn” strategy with opportunities to achieve industry-recognized credentials.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Apprentices are hired by a company to take part in on-the-job training, while receiving related technical instruction, for about one year. During an apprenticeship, participants are trained at the company as well as on Hudson’s campus. This allows companies to hire suitable apprentices permanently after the apprenticeship is over.

Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp

Advanced Manufacturing A.A.S.

  • U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident or Work Authorization Visa with valid social security number.
  • 8th Grade Proficiency on the TABE Test, students currently enrolled in HCCC are exempt (G.P.A 2.0).
  • Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Available to start working upon program completion.
  • Should have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must be employed or get a job with an employer with whom the College has an agreement for apprenticeships.
  • Employers may require a criminal background check and drug test prior to employment.
  • Depending on the program, you will take the necessary Required Technical Instruction (RTI) in the classroom or virtually and pass the appropriate certification examination.
  • After passing your examination and becoming certified, you are elevated to the certification position and receive an appropriate pay increase.
  • You begin to work with a designated mentor at your facility. Overseen by this mentor, you fulfill the minimum 2,000-hour competency checklist, stipulated by the CareerAdvance USA Scaling Apprenticeship Grant, to receive your Apprenticeship Certificate.

Albert Williams 
Apprenticeship Coordinator, Advanced Manufacturing 
(201) 360-4255 

Holz Technik Academy

Start your career immediately after graduating high school with a high-paying high-tech company based in Jersey City, NJ! Receive paid on-the-job training AND earn an associate's degree at the Holz Technik Academy, a unique partnership between Hudson County Community College and Eastern Millwork, Inc.
  • It is an earn while you learn model (have a job and attend college at the same time). Apprentices are hired by Eastern Millwork and attend Hudson County Community College for instruction one day a week. At the end of four years, apprentices will earn an A.A.S. in Advanced Manufacturing and at the end of five years, earn a Bachelor’s degree and have a salary of $70,000 with no college debt. From there, they can continue to climb the career ladder. 
  • Holz Technik Apprenticeship program is a 4-year Associate’s degree program leading to an A.A.S. in Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Up to four apprentices will be hired per year.
  • Primary recruitment: Hudson County high school seniors.
  • Graduating seniors interested in participating, will complete a brief application (Stage 1).
  • Students will be assessed (Stage 2) to determine their mechanical aptitude, literacy level and skills for the position.
  • Those who are a fit for the program will be asked to participate in a Pre-Employment program (Stage 3) in March.
  • Sign up for an information session. 
  • FAQ
  • The Pre-Employment program is an opportunity for students (prospective apprentices) to learn more about the apprenticeship by spending time at Eastern Millwork and HCCC.
  • At the end of the Pre-Employment program in March, Eastern Millwork will make employment offers for a July 1, 2022 start date.
  • Apprentices will begin their college education in July 2022 with a College Student Success course at HCCC. In addition, apprentices will also enroll in a woodworking class located at Hudson County Schools of Technology Secaucus campus.
  • Beginning in August, apprentices will work at Eastern Millwork three days per week and attend classes at HCCC one day per week, beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, and attend their bachelor’s classes remotely at Eastern Millwork.
  • Eastern Millwork will provide a starting salary of $24,500 for apprentices.
  • Other benefits will include free tuition, health insurance benefits with 100% of the premium paid by Eastern Millwork, participation in the 401K retirement and profit-sharing plan, and paid holidays and vacation.
  • Apprentices will work at Eastern Millwork three days per week.
  • Apprentices will receive regular salary increases based on skills acquired during the five-year apprenticeship.
  • At the end of the five years, the salary will be $70,000, and the apprentice will be an Engineer at Eastern Millwork.
  • There are several career tracks for Engineers at Eastern Millwork, with additional earnings potential.

Albert Williams
Apprenticeship Coordinator, Advanced Manufacturing
(201) 360-4255

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 825

Local 825 Learn & Earn

This 18-month long program is an innovative, dual education opportunity offered in partnership with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825 which will prepare apprentices for a career as an Operating Engineering through hands-on apprenticeship experience at Local 825’s training center in Dayton, New Jersey. “With rapid technological advancements driving our changing world, we recognize the necessity to have a better educated workforce to close that divide,” explained Gregory Lalevee, Business Manager of International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 825. “Today’s agreement is a proud moment for our organization as we partner with HCCC to innovate our training programs.” 

Through this program, students will also earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Technical Studies through virtual classes at HCCC. “Hudson County Community College is proud to partner with IUOE Local 825 in building a more educated and highly qualified workforce. This agreement will advance career opportunities, benefit our local economy, and support the advancement of equity,” Dr. Reber stated. “Partnerships like this are valuable and transformative.” For more information, visit 825 Earn And Learn’s website.

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 825’s mission is to equip its members with the educational resources for developing the skills of their apprentices and journeypersons. Local 825 is committed to maximizing the employability of its 7,5000 members by facilitating quality training in an inclusive environment. For more information, visit IUOE Local 825’s website.

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies allows individuals who have successfully completed technical training in an appropriate career field, such as Business, Computer Science, Computer Technology, or Electronics Engineering Technology, to advance their studies and attain a college degree. The program will provide opportunities for workers to apply knowledge and skills learned in certified apprenticeship training programs as credits toward the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies. For more information on this degree, please visit HCCC's Academic Pathways webpage.

Molly Delaney or 

We developed the apprenticeship program with HCCC to supply our needs for human capital. We need to build a pipeline of workers that are specifically trained in the skills that we need…the big piece is finding partners in education that were interested in being flexible and interested in a new way of delivering education…at HCCC we found that partner.
Andrew Campbell
Founder and CEO, Eastern Millwork, Jersey City

Out of the Box Podcast - Eastern Millwork Holz Technik Apprenticeship Program

February 2023
Dr. Reber is joined by Andrew Campbell, Founder and CEO of Eastern Millwork; Lori Margolin, HCCC Associate Vice President for Continuing Education and Workforce Development; and Isaiah Rey Montalvo, 2022 HCCC graduate and Eastern Millwork Apprentice.

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