Computer Labs - Rules and Regulations


Academic Laboratory Rules and Regulations

By using the Open Computer Labs, you have agreed to follow the Academic Laboratory Rules and Regulations. Professional Instructional Lab Assistants staff labs to help users with HCCC software and hardware. Students are encouraged to walk-in to computer labs. The Open Lab Schedule is posted on bulletin boards and our website.

The Instructional Lab Assistants in the Open Labs represent the College and are the first line of authority. Their judgments must be respected. The first level of appeal is to the lab coordinator or lab manager. Failure to follow Academic Lab Rules and Regulations may result in students being asked to leave the facility. Serious infractions or student misconduct in HCCC Academic Labs could result in the matter’s referral to the Office of Student Affairs.

Technology at HCCC collaborates with the curriculum. Computers and other technology equipment are tools used as part of the teaching and learning process.

In deciding the Academic Laboratory Rules and Regulations, there are two overriding principles: (1) the College’s information technology resources exist to support the College’s mission, and (2) the College is committed to ensuring a positive learning environment for all members of its community.

  • All computer lab users must show an HCCC photo ID card with the current semester sticker. An ID card can be obtained from security in Jersey City or NHC campus.
  • Students must use their HCCC student user name and password to log in to the HCCC computer labs.
  • Students with special needs have priority at designated workstations.
  • All students are welcome to work on projects as groups in labs L419, S217, and N224. However, all computer users must maintain an appropriate and orderly area to provide an excellent environment for our users.
  • The use of cell phones is not permitted in the Open Labs. All electronic devices must be on silent or vibrate mode. Otherwise, you are distracting others who are trying to complete their academic assignments.
  • No still or video photography is permitted in the labs.
  • Intentionally viewing, sending, or retrieving information that is pornographic, obscene, sexist, racist, abusive, or harassing is not permitted. Viewers will be asked to stop, and if they persist, they will be told to leave the computer lab. Computer labs are monitored.
  • No open or closed food, drink, or beverage containers are permitted in the labs.
  • Minors and non-computer users are not permitted in the open labs.
  • Pets (or laboratory animals), skating, and bicycles are not permitted in the labs. Assistive animals (seeing-eye dogs and the like) are excluded from this rule.
  • Computer workstations and printers in the computer labs are there to support schoolwork. Academic use is the priority use of workstations. Users must relinquish workstations for this purpose upon request. Computer stations and printers are not for general entertainment (games, gambling) or commercial use.
  • Users of the Open Computer Lab printers may not print course materials such as textbooks, handbooks, or extensive research articles. Users may not use printers as copy machines. The course-assigned faculty member and academic departments provide the appropriate course material required for their class. Authorization by the instructor is not valid.
  • Do not print any flyers or advertisements unless they are part of your class assignment.
  • Lab assistants have the authority to cancel any print jobs that do not comply with the lab rules.
  • Only paper supplied by the lab may be placed into the lab printers and only by lab staff.
  • Users must save their work to personal storage, such as OneDrive, or a flash drive. Lab staff cannot provide USB flash drives. Users should save their work every five (5) minutes. Computer user files stored on local hard drives are not protected and therefore subject to modification and erasure. We are not responsible for lost or damaged information. Additionally, we highly recommend that computer users make back-up copies of all computer work to have the information in more than one place.
  • Assistance for individually-owned computers and software is not provided.
  • Users should not leave their computer unattended for more than five (5) minutes. Unattended computers will be reassigned.
  • Users should not abuse the labs or any equipment. If users have a problem with the equipment or a software application, they should ask the lab assistant for help.
  • Lab Assistants are not allowed to provide extensive help with a particular software application. Students may request tutoring from the Tutorial Centers (201-360-4185) Journal Square or (201-360-4623) at the North Hudson Center.
  • Do not change the configuration of any computer. Do not install screensavers or wallpaper.
  • Users must check their work area before leaving. The lab staff is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items, including personal items and books. Do not leave anything in the computer lab unattended for any length of time. Sometimes things are found, and you may check with lab supervisors or security.
  • All computer users must prepare to leave the open lab ten (10) minutes before closing time and vacate the open lab by closing time.

Questions/comments regarding the Academic Computer Labs can be directed to computerlabsFREEHUDSONCOUNTYCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE.


Contact Information

Diana Perez
Academic Lab Manager