English as a Second Language Level 1 and Level 2


About This Class

ESL Level 1 is designed for students who are literate in their native tongues and have some fluency in using the Roman alphabet to associate sounds with symbols; are typically unable to formulate complete sentences in English; are knowledgeable of individual words or phrases; but unable to express basic thoughts. 

ESL Level 2 is designed for students who are somewhat able to communicate ideas in writing, but need improvement to basic writing style and grammar; demonstrate basic understanding of the verb system or word order; and have a minimal ability to convey ideas in writing and speaking, but may understand more than they can express. 




Upon completion of the training, students/participants will be able to: 

Level 1

  • Understand basic vocabulary
  • Understand everyday language functions such as greetings and instructions, requesting and giving information, expressing likes and dislikes, apologizing 
  • Understand basic American society functions.

Level 2

  • Write simple texts on personal topics 
  • Speak in complete sentences  
  • Demonstrate improved listening skills and pronunciation



  • Pre and post assessment for all classes and students taking part in this program. 
  • Have basic computer knowledge 
  • Basic knowledge of video conference platforms
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, Personal Computer, notebook 


Contact Information

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